Swamp Thing Season 1, Episode 2 recap: Worlds Apart

It was a little hard to get excited about recapping the second episode of Swamp Thing this week since it premiered the day after the news broke that DC Universe and parent company WarnerMedia canceled the series after just one episode. However, after watching the second Swamp Thing episode, Worlds Apart, it is clear that


Madame Xanadu: Who is the blind mystic in Swamp Thing on the DC Universe

In the premiere episode of DC Universe’s Swamp Thing, there was a quick glance at a character called Madame Xanadu (Jeryl Prescott), but that was it. Finally, Episode 2 introduced us to her properly in a very scary scene. Madame Xanadu in Swamp Thing In Swamp Thing on DC Universe streaming, Madame Xanadu is a


Blue Devil: Who is the character Ian Ziering plays on Swamp Thing?

During the second episode of Swamp Thing on DC Universe, Abby Arcane went to try to get help from a famed actor named Daniel Cassidy. But who is the Blue Devil, the character Cassidy is known for playing? The Blue Devil on Swamp Thing For now, the Blue Devil is just actor Daniel Cassidy (Ian


Jason Woodrue: Who is the Swamp Thing bad guy in DC Comics?

In the premiere episode of DC Universe’s Swamp Thing, it was learned that Avery Sunderland was paying to have accelerant dropped into the swamps. The second episode showed who the scientist was who created the accelerant — Jason Woodrue. But who is Jason Woodrue in DC Comics and why do we know that name? Jason


Why was Swamp Thing cancelled? Is DC Universe streaming coming to an end?

Swamp Thing has been universally praised since its premiere episode last week, with a 92 percent fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes. On the day before the second episode dropped on DC Universe, however, news broke that Season 1 would be the end and DC had cancelled Swamp Thing. This came as a shock, but there


What time is Swamp Thing arriving on DC Universe on Friday in your time zone?

Swamp Thing arrived on DC Universe last Friday with its premiere episode and the second episode hits this week. However, DC Universe streaming is unlike Netflix when it comes to the release of their shows. Not only does DC Universe keep a weekly episodic release schedule instead of dropping the entire season at once, but


Avery Sunderland: Who is the Swamp Thing villain in the DC Universe?

The first episode of Swamp Thing hit DC Universe streaming on Friday and fans had a chance to see what is likely the first pure horror comic book superhero show to date. One question that many fans had was about the man who is sure to be the villain of the show — Avery Sunderland.


DC Universe finally releases trailer for Swamp Thing TV series

Just as odd as the show’s premise is the unknown reason why DC Universe waited until now to release the full-length trailer for Swamp Thing. It looks great. And weird. Just what you’d expect from a superhero, horror, drama series. Premiering on May 31 on the DC Universe digital service, Swamp Thing is created by