Blue Devil: Who is the character Ian Ziering plays on Swamp Thing?

Blue Devil: Who is the character Ian Ziering plays on Swamp Thing?
The Blue Devil made an appearance on Swamp Thing. Pic credit: DC Universe

During the second episode of Swamp Thing on DC Universe, Abby Arcane went to try to get help from a famed actor named Daniel Cassidy. But who is the Blue Devil, the character Cassidy is known for playing?

The Blue Devil on Swamp Thing

For now, the Blue Devil is just actor Daniel Cassidy (Ian Ziering). He was famous for his role in the Blue Devil movies, where he said people loved him doing his own stunts.

He also had posters lying around and he offered to give Abby an autographed one.

From the look of it, he is struggling and his fame has lapsed, which is why he lives in Marais, Louisiana off of the swamp where he rented out a room behind his shop to Alex Holland.

That was about it for his role in the second episode of Swamp Thing, but knowing his history in DC Comics, there could be more to come.

Who is Blue Devil in DC Comics?

In 1985, DC Comics introduced a new character known as Blue Devil in his own comic book title.

Blue Devil was Dan Cassidy, a special effects wizard. He created all the effect and costume for the movie character Blue Devil and portrayed the character himself. He also did his own stunts. He was just like Daniel Cassidy on Swamp Thing.

However, in Blue Devil #1, Cassidy was shooting a movie in Ile Du Diable when two of the movie’s actors wondered off, found a temple, and accidentally unleashed a demon.

Cassidy tried to trick the demon into thinking he was a demon too using his costume and used his special effects to try to beat the demon.

It didn’t work, but he realized they could get the demon back to where it was released from and send it back. It worked but Cassidy went to the other side as well before coming back to our world.

The problem was that he could no longer take off his costume and it was now his skin. In DC Comics, Cassidy was a Catholic, which made the fact he was not a blue devil very distressing for him.

His powers include accelerated healing, superhuman durability and strength, and the ability to fly. He also uses a trident that shoots fire.

Swamp Thing drops new episodes every Friday on DC Universe.

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