Survivor spoilers: People reveals why Dan Spilo was removed from show

Dan Spilo Survivor
Dan Spilo was a member of the Survivor: Island of the Idols cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Some Survivor spoilers just got revealed by the online site for People Magazine in regard to why Dan Spilo was removed from the show this season.

People Now reached out to people involved with the Survivor production and got some more specific answers about what happened with Dan on the show. During the Wednesday night episode, CBS viewers learned that something had happened off-camera.

Now, we have a few more answers about why producers and the legal team for the show felt that they needed to remove Dan from being a part of the cast.

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Their sources stated that Dan had allegedly touched a crew member’s leg after the Immunity Challenge and that another cast member witnessed it. It happened when they were getting into a transport boat. When the alleged incident was reported, producers met with the legal team to decide what steps to take.

It was reported that Dan stated that it was an accidental touch and he disagreed with the decision to remove him from the show. This alleged unwanted touching comes shortly after another incident took place on the show.

It definitely appears that this alleged incident between Dan and the crew member was considered in conjunction with the accusations leveled against him earlier in the season. It all led to the decision to have him entirely removed from the competition.

Survivor 39 cast member Kellee Kim, who had notified producers about unwanted touching earlier in the season, also took to social media following the episode to share her thoughts on what had taken place. She seemed displeased that it took so long to be addressed in full.

No further comment has been given publicly by CBS or by Dan Spilo about the incident involving the crew member that took place off-camera. It may be addressed during the upcoming season finale of the show, or Dan may decide to address it through his own representation.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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