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Survivor recap: Episode 4 of Island of the Idols reveals Plan Z

Survivor Tribes S39 E4
The Vokai Tribe and the Lairo Tribe on the fourth episode of Survivor: Island of the Idols. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The Survivor recap of Episode 4 for Island of the Idols comes from a new episode on Wednesday night. The night started with 17 castaways still competing for the $1 million cash prize, but someone else would be heading home.

A huge blindside was at the crux of the last episode. Vince Moua got to meet Boston Rob and Sandra, where he earned an Immunity Idol. But his tribe lost the challenge and then he got voted out at Tribal Council.

Vince squandered his advantage and left the game with an Idol still in his pocket. He felt safe heading into Tribal Council and made the mistake of not using an Idol that was only good for two episodes.

Survivor recap Episode 4: Plan Z

The new episode opened with Lairo Tribe returning to camp after Vince got sent packing. Karishma Patel gave the camera some quick time, noting that she felt at risk after three people had voted for her at Tribal Council.

Karishma had already felt like she was on the outside of things, but she had steered the other four women into voting out one of the four guys. It now meant that the women had a 5-to-3 advantage at camp, but that they were down another person ahead of the next Immunity Challenge.

Noura Salman got to meet with mentors Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine this week. The task they presented her was to persuade her tribe to let her be the caller at the upcoming Immunity Challenge. She could either gain a vote block advantage or lose her vote.

Team Immunity Challenge

The Immunity Challenge was a familiar one, where a caller leads blindfolded tribe members through a maze. Noura’s tribe elected to make her sit out of the challenge, negating her shot at getting the advantage. She put herself in this place by lying when she got back to camp and telling everyone they needed to select her as the caller. Maybe the lie wasn’t entirely her fault?

Vokai ended up winning the challenge, saving Noura from having to go to Tribal Council right away. It meant that Lairo had lost again.

Tribal Council No. 4

The Survivor recap for Season 39, Episode 4 comes to an end with another person getting voted off the show. It turned into a bit of another blindside, as it seemed that Karishma Patel was on the outside of things. She earned votes but was not sent home.

Heading to Tribal Council, it appeared that the women’s alliance was already crumbling. All the five ladies had to do was stick together and they could have picked off the three men one-by-one. It meant that any of the eight people (Elizabeth Beisel, Missy Byrd, Dean Kowalski, Tom Laidlaw, Aaron Meredith, Karishma Patel, Elaine Scott, and Chelsea Walker) left in the tribe could be going home.

The women turned on each other and it led to another blindside vote. After a lot of debate, they got down to it, and somehow Karishma survived again. She is playing the game perfectly. As for the person who was not saved — Chelsea Walker was voted out with an Immunity Idol still in her pocket. Bad move lady.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS

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