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Supernatural’s Eric Kripke tweets mini-script with Sam and Dean facing coronavirus

Sam and Dean investigate werewolves on Supernatural season 15
Sam and Dean investigate werewolves on Supernatural season 15. Pic credit: The CW

While new episodes of Supernatural may not hit television screens for the foreseeable future, that doesn’t mean that we can’t keep up with what Team Winchester is up to during this potentially apocalyptic pandemic. Hint: they are not staying inside. 

Supernatural creator Eric Kripke (The Boys) has been having some fun imagining what the characters of both Supernatural and The Boys would be doing during quarantine, posting mini-scripts to his twitter account. 

Supernatural creator Eric Kripke pens mini-script imagining Winchesters’ response to coronavirus

The Supernatural secret behind COVID-19 will probably not surprise fans of the series, as Sam and Dean gear up to contain an outbreak of the demonic virus Croatoan.

The disease was first encountered by the Winchesters in Season 2 and went on to be a potential threat in season five. Lucifer, Azazel, and Pestilence originally intended to spread the virus on Earth during the Apocalypse. 

While the symptoms of Croatoan are completely unlike COVID-19 and more like a demonic zombie infection, news of Supernatural’s production delay due to coronavirus precautions may remind fans of the famous storyline involving the disease. 

It’s easy to imagine just what Kripke has in mind with his mini-script. It feels almost as if it had been filmed and aired straight into our brains.

If Kripke’s tweet is evidence of anything, it’s that Supernatural’s creator has an intimate bond with his creation. He knows Sam and Dean, and he knows how to write them. 

Supernatural goes on indefinite hiatus, releases last episode “for a while”

Supernatural showrunner Andrew Dabb confirmed that the episode Destiny’s Child would be the last new episode “for awhile.” While the series had finished filming through episode 18 before the CW shut down production, episode 13 was the last one that had completed the post-production process. 

Supernatural is currently in its final season, Season 15, with fate seeming to step in and prevent the show from ever ending.

Series stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins posted an emotional video announcement in March of last year revealing that Season 15 would be Supernatural’s last. 

The final season has seen Team Winchester saving the world, as usual, all while struggling with an epic and potentially reality-ending feud with God/Chuck.

Last we knew, Chuck is almost done destroying all his other alternate worlds before coming to confront Sam and Dean Prime.

Meanwhile, Team Winchester is forced to trust Billie/Death, who has a plan that can take down Chuck and save what’s left of the universe. 

Supernatural normally airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW and will return at an unknown date.