Superman & Lois Season 1 release date and cast latest: When is it coming out?

Superman & Lois Season 1 release date
Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch in Superman & Lois. Pic credit: The CW

While The CW ended its longest-running DC series, Arrow, last season and have canceled Supergirl after its next season, things are not slowing down in the partnership. Superman & Louis is coming this season.

Superman made his first appearance in The CW world on Supergirl, as he is that hero’s cousin. Lois Lane also appeared on that series, and both characters were part of the crossover of DC Universe shows.

Now, Superman and Lois Lane are getting their own series on The CW.

Here is everything we know so far about Superman & Lois Season 1.

This article provides everything that is known about Superman & Lois Season 1 and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s dig down into what is known so far.

What is Season 1 of Superman & Lois about?

Superman & Lois continues the adventures of the Man of Steel and his wife, super journalist Lois Lane. This will be unlike any series or movie about Superman that fans have seen because Superman and Lois are also parents.

Superman & Lois revolves around the world’s most famous Super Hero and comic books’ most famous journalist as they deal with all the stress, pressures and complexities that come with being working parents in today’s society.

Release date latest: When does Superman & Lois Season 1 come out?

The premiere date for Superman & Lois Season 1 will be on Tuesday, February 23, on The CW.

In January 2020, The CW picked up Superman & Lois and the reboot of Walker as new season pickups for the 2020-21 television season.

The problem is the coronavirus pandemic stalled production on everything. For Superman & Lois, the filming has not yet begun.

However, the show will be shot in Canada, in British Columbia. This is the same town that served as the location for Smallville.

The good news is that the series received a three-year permit, so it appears that Superman & Lois will be around for a while.

The CW, in general, delayed any of its new shows launches until January 2021. In the fall, they tested out some new series and finished up Supernatural.

When the new seasons start in January, Superman & Lois will air on Tuesday nights at 9/8c, immediately following The Flash.

Superman & Lois Season 1 trailer

The CW has released the first Superman & Lois trailer for Season 1 of the new Arrowverse series.

The trailer has star Tyler Hoechlin giving a voice-over about how a person can change over time and eventually lose what it is that makes them special and important.

However, he then mentions how their family can be what brings a person back to who they are supposed to be.

There are also some images in the background of Superman, Lois Lane, and their sons, along with the Family Crest.

Superman & Lois Season 1 cast updates

Tyler Hoechlin has been portraying Clark Kent/Superman on the Arrowverse series since 2016, mostly working on Supergirl. He has also crossed paths with the other heroes, including Flash.

Elizabeth Tulloch showed up in 2018 for the first time as Lois Lane in the crossover that year. Both Tulloch and Hoechlin played a large role in the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover this last season.

In February, the two sons of Superman and Lois Lane were cast.

Jordan Elsass and Alexander Garfin were cast to play Jonathan and Jordan Kent in the series. Fans of Superman comics know that Jon plays a huge role in the books and has powers similar to his dad.

Elsass’ Jonathan is clean-cut, modest, and kind-hearted, with an aw-shucks attitude that somehow doesn’t seem dated. Elsass previously appeared in Little Fires Everywhere.

Garfin’s Jordan is wildly intelligent, but his mercurial temperament and social anxiety limit his interactions with people. Consequently, Jordan prefers to spend most of his free time alone, playing video games.

Garfin was previously on two episodes of Law & Order: SVU, and he voiced Linus in The Peanuts Movie in 2015.

In April, Dylan Walsh (Nip/Tuck) signed on to play General Samuel Lane, Lois’ dad. Gen. Lane is a no-nonsense Army general who’s determined to keep America and the world safe from all threats – from this world or beyond.

And just days later, Emmanuelle Chriqui (The Passage) signed on to appear as classic Superman character Lana Lang-Cushing. Lane is the loan officer at Smallville Bank who stayed in Smallville when others left for something bigger and brighter.

That is the same character Kristin Kreuk played in Smallville.

Erik Valdez signed on to play Kyle Cushing, the husband of Lana Lang. He is Smallville’s fire chief and local hero who’s seen his fair share of tragedy. Small-town raised with small-town beliefs; Kyle doesn’t care much for the big city and often butts heads with people from it.

Wole Parks joined the cast in May. He is The Stranger, a mysterious visitor hellbent on proving to the world that it no longer needs Superman.

In May, Inde Navarrette signed on as Sarah Cushing, Kyle and Lana’s daughter, a whip-smart, supercool wild child with some demons in her past who becomes friends with the Kent boys, Jonathan and Jordan.

In October, a new castmember joined Superman & Lane. This was Sofia Hasmik (Mad About You) in the recurring role as Chrissy Beppo, a journalist at the Smallville Gazette with dreams of bigger and better things, a chance encounter with her idol changes her life trajectory.

Superman & Lois Season 1 will premiere on Tuesday, February 23, on The CW.

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