Sterling K. Brown learns TikTok dance from This Is Us costar

Sterling K. Brown gets dance moves from his young This Is Us costar.
Jasper McPherson shows off her dance moves with Sterling. K. Brown. Pic credit: NBC

Sterling K. Brown (Randall) has learned a new viral TikTok dance thanks to one of his This Is Us costars. The talented actor has become quite the staple on TikTok, showing off some of his stellar moves.

He loves to dance but does prefer to do it with another person. Sterling and his onscreen wife, Susan Kelechi Watson (Beth), are known for posting Instagram videos of them dancing throughout the day. Sometimes the entire cast gets in on the fun too.

Sterling has a new TikTok partner

Jasper McPherson, who plays Kevin’s daughter in the future, showed up Sterling in a dance video they did together. She kicked off the footage by busting a move. Then Sterling, still dressed as older Randall, got in on the action.

YouTube video player

The actor doesn’t keep in line with the young actress very well. However, it is an adorable video that fans need right about now. The video clips will put a smile on anyone’s face.

Sterling let fans know the duo was doing the renegade dance in the caption of the video.

“The renegade is still around in the year 2045. Kevin’s kid just taught me. How’d I do,” he captioned the video.

Fans will recall, the finale revealed that Madison (Caitlin Thompson) was pregnant with twins, and Kevin was the baby daddy. The flash-forward to Nicky (Griffin Dunne), Randall, and Kevin at an ailing Rebecca’s (Mandy Moore) bedside gave fans the first glimpse of Kevin’s daughter.

The Season 3 finale introduced Kevin’s son. The show has not yet revealed the names of Kevin’s twins, though.

Tiki Tok obsession

There have been a few videos of Sterling and his This Is Us crew. One featured Justin, Sterling, Susan, Mandy, Chrissy Metz (Kate), Chris Sullivan (Toby), and Jon Huertas (Miguel). The video went viral, with fans praising Jon’s dance skills, making Miguel a little more likable.

The This Is Us cast celebrated the end of Season 4 with another TikTok video. This time the group included Lyric Ross (Deja), Eris Baker (Tess), and Faithe Herman (Annie) in the video footage showcasing the cast’s fancy footwork.

Sterling K. Brown showed off his TikTok skills with This Is Us costar, Jasper McPherson. The actor held his own alongside the young girl.

This Is Us fans have months to wait until Season 5. Thankfully, Sterling and his costars are keeping fans entertained on social media. Don’t expect any spoilers, though. The cast is tight-lipped about what is to come on the NBC drama.

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