This is Us Season 4: How to stream the NBC drama

This Is Us Season 4 can be streamed online.
There are several ways fans can watch This Is Us online. Pic credit: NBC

This Is Us Season 4 may have just ended, but fans are already asking how the NBC drama can be streamed online. The finale left viewers full of emotion and love for the hit series.

It also left fans with a void and missing the Pearson family, especially during this time of quarantine. There is some good news for fans, though. This Is Us Season 4 is streaming online now.

How to stream This Is Us Season 4

For those fans having This Is Us withdrawals — and, let’s be honest, everyone is — rewatching the NBC drama is super easy. There are several ways that old and new viewers of the show can check it out.

Season 4 is currently streaming on Hulu and the NBC app.

The latter is free, while Hulu does cost a monthly free.

Yes, the NBC app can be downloaded to a smart TV, Apple TV, or Firestick and other streaming devices.

The show can be viewed on television instead of a computer or tablet.

No, This Is Us does not stream on Netflix at all.

If Hulu or the NBC app is not feasible for a fan, there is always the option of watching on-demand. Now all on-demand functions are different. Some do charge for content, while others are free. Some cable or satellite on-demand functions charge for past seasons of the show, but the current one is free.

How to watch This Is Us full series

During the current health climate, binge-watching is one thing keeping people entertained. And there is no better show to re-watch than This Is Us.

The show gets increasingly better each season. Plus, think of all that has happened since fans were first introduced to the Pearson family.

Even though viewers know what twists and turns are coming, that doesn’t make the NBC show any less entertaining to watch.

The entire series is featured again on Hulu and the NBC app. Fans have the choice of watching the show from the pilot or simply starting with the first episode in Season 4.

Justin Hartley (Kevin) recently revealed his choices for episodes fans should binge during an interview with Entertainment Weekly’s Quick Binge.

The pilot has to be watched first. Then he said the three episodes that focus on Kevin, Kate (Chrissy Metz), and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) from Season 4 should be watched.

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