Station 19 season finale promo: Wedding bliss and shocking revelations

Andy And Sullivan Station 19
The Station 19 cast brings an end to Season 4 with a wedding. Pic credit: ABC

The Station 19 season finale arrives this week on ABC.

A lot is expected to take place during the final episode of Season 4, with wedding bliss on the horizon for two of the main characters.

The promo for the Station 19 episode called Forever and Ever, Amen also indicates that there could be some personal drama addressed before the summer hiatus begins.

The synopsis also hints at a lot of sub-stories that have to get wrapped up, though we definitely expect there to be some unresolved topics as the show heads toward Season 5 in the fall.

Station 19 season finale synopsis

Below is the full synopsis that ABC has released for the season finale. This episode of Station 19 will air for the first time on Thursday, June 3.

“Maya addresses some unresolved family issues; the crew takes matters into its own hands when faced with a life-or-death moment on scene, Andy and Sullivan’s marriage is put to the test.”

Station 19 Season 4, Episode 16 TV promo

The TV promo that ABC is currently running is shared below, and in it, we see a familiar face singing at the wedding, Ben ready to walk the ladies down the aisle, and a fight between Andy and Sullivan.

Station 19 renewed for more episodes

ABC picked up Station 19 Season 5, so we will get to enjoy more episodes of the show next year. It is assumed that the show will arrive on the same night as the Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 premiere, but ABC hasn’t released the details on when the premieres will take place.

The show is also back on Thursday nights at 8/7c, followed by Grey’s Anatomy at 9/8c and Big Sky at 10/9c each week. New episodes of all three shows will arrive around the end of September or the beginning of October, depending on how things play out.

There had been rumors about a new Grey’s Anatomy spin-off taking place in the same universe as Station 19, but it appears that there are now no short-term plans for another spin-off. That could change in the future, as Private Practice and Station 19 have each found success after spawning from Grey’s Anatomy.

As a reminder, the Station 19 season finale airs on Thursday, June 3, and it will take place right in front of the Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 finale. A wedding is also going to be the focal point to the ending of Grey’s this year, so there is a huge theme flowing through both shows as the seasons come to a close.

Station 19 airs Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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