Some NCIS fans angry about Sydney spin-off

Mark Harmon NCIS Image
Leroy Jethro Gibbs was played by Mark Harmon on the NCIS cast. Pic credit: CBS

A new NCIS show is debuting soon, and some fans are mad about it.

Filming has begun on NCIS: Sydney, with the new show expected to debut in the fall.

This can be called an NCIS spin-off, but the show happens almost exclusively in Australia.

A recent report revealed the NCIS: Sydney cast, giving the show a face.

With news about the new show coming so soon after the cancellation of NCIS: Los Angeles, a social media backlash has happened.

And this is taking place even though there is no intent to replace the L.A. crew with a Sydney cast.

NCIS fans expressing their frustrations

Below are some NCIS fans expressing frustrations about NCIS: Sydney. It’s a small sample of the people complaining that Paramount is trying to create a new show within this universe.

One user posted a response to the news that filming has begun for NCIS: Sydney.

“Would prefer to have @NCISLA instead of this crap along with Hawaii. #BringBackNCISLA,” wrote the Twitter user.

NCIS Sydney Complaint
A frustrated NCIS: LA fan. Pic credit: @NoLiesSpokeHere/Twitter

One particular NCIS: LA fan named Tony claims that NCIS: Los Angeles was canceled to make room for NCIS: Sydney. And he is not pleased.

Another mad NCIS: LA fan. Pic credit: @TonyCF_88/Twitter

When another NCIS: LA fan saw the news about the show in Australia, they resorted to some denial after getting angry.

And a Twitter user named Bo took things one step further, claiming that NCIS: Sydney will be a flop because of its cast.

Bo Morris NCIS Post
Bo Morris thinks NCIS: Sydney won’t do well. Pic credit: @Fantasyguy23/Twitter

Many NCIS fans also excited about a new chapter

Despite many social media users posting negative thoughts about a new NCIS show, some fans are desperate for new content.

With the ongoing Writers Strike, NCIS Season 21 is close to getting postponed by CBS. This means no new episodes for a long time.

And with the NCIS cast members ready to strike, it could push new seasons of NCIS and NCIS: Hawai’i way back in the CBS television schedule.

Enter NCIS: Sydney, which doesn’t fall under the same rules as the WGA and SAG members.

And United States viewers can also watch NCIS: Sydney, so it could be something fresh to enjoy during a long hiatus.

Maybe the folks posting negative thoughts about the new show will decide to give it a shot when the first episodes are released.

NCIS airs Monday at 9/8c on CBS.

All episodes of NCIS are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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Janene Devlin
Janene Devlin
1 year ago

NCIS Hawaii is terrible. That should have been cancelled and NCIS-LA should NOT have been cancelled. NCIS New Orleans also should not have been cancelled. They are ruining a good thing!

Brittany Crossland
Brittany Crossland
11 months ago

Bring agent Gibbs dinozzo and ziva back …

Janene Devlin
Janene Devlin
11 months ago

I tried to watch Hawaii. It was terrible. Am so disgusted LA was canceled! Big mistake to hang your hat on the likes of Hawaii. That should have been the version cancelled.

7 months ago

I’m with more than most fans of the ncis franchise ncis with ncis New Orleans and most of all ncis Los Angeles fans . Ncis Hawaii and the next ncis Sydney both aren’t even going to get anywhere near the level of love that cbs had . I’m sorry but this is embarrassing but cbs and everyone involved in this shows called spinoffs are more than a flops …. And everyone pushing this narrative there not flops is sad….

6 months ago

NCIS Sydney is just AWFUL! It is the worst new show I’ve seen in a long time. It is very hard to believe it has the same creators as NCIS. I watched it 3 times to be sure…..but it is just plain BAD. Whoever created this should be ashamec