Who plays the doctor on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Vincent Irizarry as Dr. Armstrong on The Bold and the Beautiful.
Dr. Armstrong is taking care of Katie on The Bold and the Beautiful. Pic credit: CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful fans had a shocking scare today as they saw poor Katie (Heather Tom) comatose on the floor while Bill (Don Diamont) pleaded with her to stay with him.

Once at the hospital a powerful and authoritative doctor took over Katie’s care, leading viewers to ask who is the doctor taking care of Katie?

If you haven’t tuned in for a few days, that’s none other than soap legend Vincent Irizarry in the role of Dr. Armstrong.

He initially was brought on to deal with Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) after he plunged over a cliff while talking to Hope (Annika Noelle) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang).

It was touch and go with Thomas’ injuries, but he’s physically fine and cleared to go home. Not so for Dr. Armstrong, who can’t leave the hospital now with Katie needing expert attention!

It had been rumored that Katie would take a turn for the worse health-wise, with some speculating that she would need a second heart transplant.

We now know that her kidney is in dire shape.

A very tense conversation ensued between Bill and Dr. Armstrong who had to put up with Dollar Bill’s manic franticness. Bill yelled about getting the best experts for Katie even before she had been tested.

Later Bill loses it when he sees his wife with wires attaching her to machines.

Will she make it?

That depends! Will Bill get the best and brightest expert to save Katie? Another new doctor will soon arrive, with Tisha Campbell-Martin playing the role of Dr. Davis.

On October 4, the former star of My Wife and Kids, Martin, Dr. Ken, and House Party, will likely debut as a specialist who will treat Katie.

Then again, Dr. Davis may very well be a shrink who attends to Thomas and his woeful mental state!

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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