Who is Summer Townsend on Days of our Lives?

Summer Townsend is a character on Days of our Lives
Summer had feelings for Brady during her short stint in Salem. Pic credit: NBC

Days of our Lives is going back in time to clue viewers in on events that were missed thanks to the flash-forward.

The time reverse took fans back to Mother’s Day. It is also bringing back one troubled character for a brief visit, Summer Townsend (Marie Wilson). Spoilers tease a visitor from Maggie’s past will pop back up in her life, and fans are now speculating Summer is that person.

Adding fuel to the fire, Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) asked Maggie at their Mother’s Day brunch if she had heard from Summer. Maggie replied that it had been a long time.

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The recent spotlight on the character has some people asking who is Summer Townsend, and what is her connection to Maggie? She was not on the soap opera very long.

The character was introduced in 2016 in Brady’s (Eric Martsolf) dream after he was given Daniel’s (Shawn Christian) heart. Brady felt Daniel was trying to tell him something, so he went in search of the woman from his dreams.

Once he found her, Brady learned Summer and Daniel had been close for years. The late doctor even believed they shared the same mother, Maggie. Summer sent her DNA sample to Daniel, but he died before he could prove they were related.

Brady convinced Summer to come to Salem to learn the truth. Maggie was reluctant at first to admit she was Summer’s mom. Eventually, Maggie acknowledged she had a baby as a teenager that she gave up for adoption. Tests proved Summer was that baby.

Although Maggie and Summer tried to build a relationship, Summer’s con-artist life and mental health issues got in the way. She conned Brady out of $50,000 even though she had feelings for him. Brady was with Theresa (Jen Lilley) at the time. Summer began causing problems for Theresa in the hopes of breaking up the romance.

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Life took a turn for Summer after she was accused of kidnapping Brady and Theresa’s son Tate. She did admit to receiving $100,000 to take the boy, but Summer swore she only took the money, not Tate.

The police questioned her, but there was no proof she kidnapped Tate. Summer was let go due to a lack of evidence in the kidnapping. Theresa didn’t believe Summer. The two ladies had a fight that ended with Theresa falling and hitting her head. Summer ran away leaving a hurt Theresa all alone. The incident caused Summer to leave town after she shared a tearful goodbye with Maggie.

Summer Townsend is not the most liked person in Salem. Even her mother, Maggie, has issues with her. She will be back in town for a brief visit, which should make for an interesting meeting between Maggie and her daughter.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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