Who is playing the psychic on General Hospital?

Veronica Cartwright as Sibley on General Hospital.
Sibley is stirring up a lot in Port Charles. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital was full of surprises yesterday as revelations dropped from the sky like rain. Among them, Sibley Gamble (Veronica Cartwright) rocked Ava’s (Maura West) world and not in a good way. Who is doing such a bang-up job of stirring the Port Charles pot?

Veronica Cartwright has been tapped to play the part of the psychic who is spilling secrets left and right. If you believe her of course. Some people think she’s a con artist, but others like Ava are desperate for answers and have sought her services.

Cartwright arguably turned in her best performance on Tuesday when she appeared to channel the late Kiki (Hayley Erin). The psychic shook and trembled as she spoke, seemingly as Kiki. What did Kiki want to tell her double-crossing mom?

Only that she never ever wants to see or hear from her again. Apparently, bygones aren’t bygones in the afterlife.

It was a scorching scene as the psychic told Ava from Kiki to in effect, get lost. Sibley actually seemed a tad sorry for the trouble making mom.

That’s not all the psychic spilled! Ava remembered one other dead person she wanted to contact. That was Nikolas Cassadine. Sibley tried her hardest but couldn’t seem to channel the deceased mini mogul. Was it because he, too, did not wish to be disturbed by the likes of Ava?

Get ready for this folks, Nikolas may not have been available for chatting. That’s right, apparently, Nikolas may not be dead after all. That would explain Sibley not being able to feel anything of him out there in the great beyond.

General Hospital fans would love to see the dashing ne’er do well back in town kicking up a ruckus. Is it possible that a back-from-the-dead storyline is in the works?

Be sure to tune in and find out!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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