When will The Bold and the Beautiful resume production? Here’s what we know

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Steffy on The Bold and the Beautiful.
The Bold and the Beautiful may resume production as soon as June. Pic credit: CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful may restart production in the next couple of weeks. June is the projected resume date, though the situation is incredibly fluid at the moment.

It has been over two months since production on The Bold and the Beautiful ceased. At that point, there were a few weeks of episodes in the can. They ran out at the end of April, and since then, the soap has been putting together theme weeks with encore presentations.

When will The Bold and the Beautiful return?

According to Deadline, The Bold and the Beautiful put out a memo to the actors and production staff that things may restart in June. There was no definitive date revealed, and everything depends on what the state of California is doing moving forward.

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Restrictions are still unclear as each state has set rules. The best-case scenario would be that The Bold and the Beautiful would begin taping again in June at some point. If everything goes well, it will be the first soap back in production since everything was shut down in mid-March.

The memo that was sent was not made public, but Deadline caught wind of what was happening. Because the situation is so fluid, everything could change day to day, making it hard to pinpoint when the actors will be back to work, and when the new episodes will begin airing again.

Where did The Bold and the Beautiful leave off?

It has been several weeks since The Bold and the Beautiful aired a new episode. Viewers may need a refresher course on where things left off and what to expect moving forward.

As Wyatt (Darin Brooks) walked into the house, Dr. Escobar (Monica Ruiz) and Sally (Courtney Hope) had to think fast. They had already knocked out Flo (Katrina Bowden), and her unconscious body was laying on the floor.

With the truth at stake, there has to be quick action taken to avoid Wyatt seeing anything suspicious. Sally isn’t dying, and when everyone finds out that is the case, she may never be able to show her face again.

Meanwhile, Katie (Heather Tom) is still working through the kiss Bill (Don Diamont) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) shared. Infidelity isn’t sitting well with her, despite his pleas for him to forgive and move forward. Will these two reconcile?

While viewers wait for production to resume and new episodes to head back to the air, they can tune in each day to enjoy a walk down memory lane.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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3 years ago

Put steffy and Liam back together and have a little boy to go with kelly and hope and Thomas can move to Paris or wherever and take mommy Brooke and shauns can have ridge

3 years ago

Please send ridge, steff and Thomas to Paris or somewhere and give us a break. Shauna should have ridge and bring a new gorgeous man for Brooke. Leave Liam and hope together and let’s see them happy. Maybe leave Thomas’s son with Hope. Steff has worn out the wanting/not wanting Liam. She could just leave them alone, and ridge just needs to go.

No Name
No Name
3 years ago

I disagree. Do not send Ridge, and Steffy. Get rid of HOpless and Thomas, and Brooke!

Mj Stone
Mj Stone
3 years ago

I enjoy the show as is. I’ll bet the writers get tired of criticism..! I’ve been watching for years and my only complaint is that it’s not long enough.
? ? ? ?