What happened to Drew on General Hospital?

Billy Miller as Drew on General Hospital.
Everyone is wondering what happened to Drew on General Hospital after learning his plane went down. Pic credit: ABC

What happened to Drew (Billy Miller) on General Hospital is up in the air right now. The writers sent him to Afghanistan with the money Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) stole. He went on a mission to bring Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) back to help Franco (Roger Howarth) recover his memories.

Billy Miller announced his departure as Drew on General Hospital back in July. After taping his final scenes, he wrote a letter to fans posted by his associate on social media.

While his final air date as Drew on General Hospital wasn’t revealed, it happened a few weeks ago. As he got on the elevator at the hospital, it would be the last time fans saw Drew.

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Currently, Franco believes he is Drew. He was used by Shiloh, and now, he is walking around Port Charles like Frankendrew.

His relationship with Kim (Tamara Braun) has been front and center as he remembers it in real-time, not in the past. This has been a mess and it is making relationships in Port Charles crumble.

Yesterday, it was revealed that the plane Drew was on crashed and the wreckage had been found. There is no word on what happened to Drew on General Hospital, just that the plane had been located.

Of course, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) believe that he may still be alive.

As far as Billy Miller goes, there is no word on what he will do next or why he was cut from General Hospital. Kelly Monaco referenced his exit, but never returned to elaborate on what she meant.

General Hospital viewers have expressed concerns about how the writers did what they did and why. At this point, it looks like Drew will be left open-ended, especially if his body is not recovered.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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