The Young and the Restless to resume production in July — Here’s what we know

The Young and the Restless sets date to resume production.
Y&R will be back taping new episodes very soon. Pic credit: CBS

The Young and the Restless is set to resume production in July, becoming the second soap opera to return to filming.

As fans know, The Bold and the Beautiful started filming new episodes last week only to stop production one day after it resumed. B&B is scheduled to resume production this week.

Y&R showrunners have been in contact with their counterparts on The Bold and the Beautiful to help come up with a plan to get the production ball rolling.

When will The Young and the Restless resume production?

Deadline was first to break the news that Y&R is eyeing a July 6 date to restart production. That gives the soap opera two weeks to review how B&B got back to business and make changes or additions.

A letter has been sent to the cast and crew of The Young and the Restless to alert them preparations are underway to get everyone back to work. Producers have also shared in the letter that the July 6 date is merely a goal and not set in stone. As with all plans during the coronavirus pandemic, an influx of change can occur delaying production.

The safety of the cast and crew is the most important thing for all those involved with the soap opera. Coronavirus testing will be mandatory for anyone returning to set. Plus, masks will need to be worn by everyone on set unless an actor is filming.

Will fans notice the changes?

Yes, fans will notice the changes on-screen. The number of people in the scenes will be smaller. Gone are the days of big party scenes full of extras.

Those filming will also be spaced adequately apart to ensure safety. No more sitting closely on a couch or even sitting down at a table.

Another significant difference will be love scenes. Either those steamy scenes will be eliminated, or Y&R will need to come up with a workaround. The Bold and the Beautiful came up with a unique strategy for filming love scenes that had soap twitter laughing out loud.

There is good news for The Young and the Restless fans. The CBS soap opera has a target date to resume production.

However, fans shouldn’t expect new episodes for several weeks. Episodes will likely take longer to film than usual due to the new protocol.

In the past, the CBS soap opera filmed about six weeks in advance. If Y&R sticks to that schedule, it will be the middle to end of August before new shows are available.

Thankfully fans have those fantastic classic theme weeks to keep them entertained.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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Ethel Wunschel
Ethel Wunschel
3 years ago

I’m just happy it’s filming again in July. I would rather watch activity scenes then take up all our time oN bedroom scenesWith Kyle & Summer, I love them but sometimes it’s to much. I realize it will be a while before we get to watch the new story lines.