The Young and the Restless spoilers: Can Nick and Sharon save Faith from Cameron?

Linden Ashby as Cameron Kirsten on Y&R.
Cameron’s sinister plan has Nick and Sharon facing their worst nightmare. Pic credit: CBS

The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that this week is all about dangerous threats and a race against time.

Cameron (Linden Ashby) takes his revenge plot against Sharon (Sharon Case) to an unthinkable level.

The evil villain has tormented Sharon since he was released from prison and returned to Genoa City.

This week though, Cameron’s dangerous game will forever change the lives of Nick (Joshua Morrow), Sharon, and Faith (Reylynn Caster).

A previous promo video for Y&R revealed that Cameron had kidnapped Faith.

The latest preview teaser reveals Cameron isn’t messing around, and his creepiness is at an all-time high.

Cameron gets creepy with Faith

In the footage, a distraught Sharon screams after receiving a call from Cameron that he has Faith. Cameron even sent Sharon a picture of Faith on the floor and tied up so she knows this is not a joke.

A flip of the scene shows Cameron talking to Faith, telling her she’s beautiful. By stroking her hair, he gets even more creepy with Faith, who’s tied up in a chair and helpless.

There’s no question the young girl is disgusted and terrified of what’s coming next for her. Faith should be afraid because Cameron makes a threat that will send chills down Y&R fans back.

Can Sharon and Nick save Faith before it’s too late?

It’s a race against time for Sharon to find her daughter. Sharon breaks the news to Nick that Cameron has kidnapped Faith, sending him into protective papa mode.

They are desperate and determined to find Faith, but Cameron isn’t going to make it easy. Cameron lets Sharon know she will get Faith back. However, the condition Faith will be in remains in question.

Is Cameron planning on killing Faith, or will he hurt her as he did Sharon all those years ago?

Whatever happens, it isn’t going to be good for Faith, Nick, and Sharon.

The Young and the Restless spoilers revealed that Victor (Eric Braeden) rides to the rescue again for his family. Victor’s aware of the Cameron situation, so all signs point to him getting involved in the kidnapping of his granddaughter.

July sweeps are near, and the rumor mill is buzzing that Cameron gets killed, kicking off a whodunnit murder mystery. If that’s the case, Y&R viewers have a few more weeks of sinister Cameron wreaking havoc in the Newman family, especially Sharon.

Who’s ready for another must-see week of the hit daytime drama?

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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1 year ago

Not me sick of the Cameron/Diana crap 💩 get rid of both of them you writers are getting pretty hard up