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The Young and the Restless shocker: Donny Boaz fired — What will happen to Chance?

The Young and the Restless Donny Boaz out: Is Chance leaving too?
Donny Boaz is out as Chance and he might not be the last one cut at Y&R. Pic credit: CBS

The Young and the Restless shocker revealed Donny Boaz was fired, and now fans are asking what will happen to Chance.

Donny broke the surprising news in a lengthy Instagram post spilling exactly how he learned the CBS show was not renewing his contract.

The news comes less than two months after the actor had to take a short hiatus from Y&R after testing positive for COVID-19.

What did Donny say about being fired from Y&R?

On Sunday night, Donny broke the news that his last airdate as Chance Chancellor would be on Monday, February 1. The actor admitted he left for the holiday break in December knowing his filming schedule through March.

Then on Christmas Eve, Donny received a phone call alerting him that his days on the CBS soap opera were over.

“Reason for my departure: Due to the cost incurred because of COVID testing, production is to let go of 4 or 5 contract players. And due to the writers and future story line…I didn’t make the cut,” Donny wrote in his Instagram post alongside several photos from his time on The Young and the Restless.

Although the actor is sad to be done at the hit daytime drama, he is taking it all in stride. Donny is grateful to have worked amid the coronavirus pandemic and for such a fantastic show.

“I want to thank #yr for this amazing opportunity. I want to thank the fans. You all have been AMAZING. Thank you. I want to thank everyone associated with Y&R, my cast mates, and the crew. You will be missed. I want to thank my agents and manager for bringing this opportunity into my life. We are optimistic for what is to come,” he wrote.

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Donny gave a special shoutout to his costar Melissa Ordway (Abby), even referring to her as “one of the greatest actresses I’ve ever had the privilege to work with.”

The soap star ended his message with positivity, looking forward to the future. Donny let Hollywood know he is a free agent ready to work.

Is Chance leaving The Young and the Restless?

Donny has played the role of Chance since November 2019.

Chance and Abby’s journey to becoming parents was set to become a pivotal story, focusing on surrogacy. Mariah (Camryn Grimes) literally just agreed to be their surrogate.

Now that the actor has been fired, the rumor mill is buzzing about Chance leaving Y&R. In his Instagram announcement, Donny spilled he was told Chance would simply disappear off the canvas. The character won’t be recast or killed off at this time.

The news Donny Boaz was let go from The Young and the Restless was shocking, and it won’t be the last firing either.

Twitter user @Spoilergirl1 echoed Donny’s words that more cuts are coming to the CBS show.

Pic credit: @Spoilergirl1/Twitter

One thing is for sure — changes are coming to The Young and the Restless. Fans need to brace themselves for more casting shockers and sudden storyline shifts.

What do you think of Donny being fired?

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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    • I am extremely disappointed! He’s one of my all time favorite characters & the show lost a good one. One of the most realistic actors ever on Y&R! I say there’s something more to this.

    • Mine too! If he doesn’t come back, I’m done with that stupid show. And I’ve watched it for YEARS! But when they can a good actor who is well liked, I’m DONE with them, better things to do with my time than watch their crappy program!

  1. that sucks danny got fired he a really good acter an after seein him play chance for so long an how good he played it no one will ever fill his shoes with that roll if they do bring new one in

  2. Whomever came up with firing Donny Boaz is an idiot and should be fired themselves,most stupid and insane idea you ever had and you have had many,going to loose a lot of viewers over this.

    • I agree. There are a few others that could be let go & would not be missed. And they are bringing others like Nina back. Come on u r bringing in others but letting him go. Rethink this & continue a very good story line.

      • I agree with all the comments! He is good looking and a good actor. You have a character that treats his wife,partner,soul mate the way he should – a positive role model for the fans. Its disappointing and sad.. Whats going to happen to the surrogate story line now?

    • And now here we go……HE IS BEING REPLACED with another actor. The sl they were writing after firing Donny was so stupid and still is.

    • I am sick of Y &R firing Chance actor, Danny Boaz!
      The writers can’t stand to let fans have any favorite story lines. The story of Chance and Abby was really good. Now you are just going to pull the plug and no explanation!
      You can’t stand for one couple to be happy.
      I have watched this soap since it’s debut in 1973, my junior year in high school.
      I hate to say it but I think I’m done.
      Such a shame that your writers can’t take a pole before giving someone the ax.
      Good luck, Danny. I hope you land on your feet.

  3. Have watched the show since day one. Storylines are getting tiresome and boring. Show is going downhill fast. Sorry to see the Abby and Chance story line killed off. Bad move.

  4. Well I think this is a mistake ,I have been a big fan since the show started years ago! He i a good actor and very liked by fans! He will be miss deeply! Why cut people out now!

  5. NO WAY HE IS LEAVING Y&R!I hate when Y&R fires someone really good &when things are finally going good on the show! What the heck is going on with the writers anyway!!No wonder some of my friends have stopped watching the show!! In fact some have said they are going DEMOCRATIC in their boo ! I hope it is not true that if they are being Political because if they are they will lose more people and then the show will END! COME ON WRITERs WAKE THE HECK UP PLEASE!!!

    • I am 40 and have been watching since before I knew what TV was, about 35yrs. I would absolutely 1000% put my one and only favorite show in the toilet the moment they got political!! I know many many people who would too! A

  6. I hate that they fired Danny Boaz. Abby and Chance’s storyline was what was keeping me watching. They need to get rid of Gloria, Nina, Sally, and some others that aren’t on that often. Bring Danny back! Poor Abby has had too much bad luck with husbands.

  7. Big mistake. I don’t think I will continue to watch the show. He is one of my favorites. There are others that are not nearly as important to story line. I have never been a big soap opera fan but I have been since Donny! What is wrong with this organization. Please don’t let him go.

  8. What on earth are the writers of Y&R thinking? A true love story! We all need that in these hard times of this pandemic. This is ridiculous. I have been a fan of Y&R since my children were very young and my oldest is 41 now. I wasn’t happy with this show when they fired Gina as Phyllis and now Chance? I’m rethinking my loyalty to this show. We love you Danny! Find a show that will respect your talent!

  9. Danny Boaz would be a great addition to General Hospital, Bold and The Beautiful or Days of Our Lives. Y&R’s producers are idiots for firing Danny. I was REALLY getting into the surrogacy storyline with Abby, Chance and Mariah and then it suddenly ends with 2 letters? One to his mother and one to Abby? This is outrageous!

  10. Y&R writers are NOT very smart letting Donnie Boaz go! They should have let Theo go for good and I am not Happy about the way things are going with the other people either! Y&R is defininately going off the deep end! I hope to goodness it is not being Political too because if they are I am done watching it I am against a lot of Stars who are on the far left and it really makes me upset to see how much swearing and too much skin is being shown anymore that is tasteless! I know it s supposed to look realistic But it goes too far! Sorry I guess I just like to use my imagination! I do not need to see young bodies being exploited on TV! I guess if it was YOUR child showing almost everything it is okay, Right? Just using my constitutional right to complain about almost nudity & Swearing !

  11. CBS seems determined to wipe the Chancellors completely out after all the many years it took to build them up. Why Donny Boaz? Take another Abbot out (Theo), they have enough of them. Send Lola on a vacation until they get more funding for the show. This annoying friend of Faith, she can, by all means, be gone. I just can’t get into the storyline of Amanda and Devon, it’s just too creepy, married first to the twin sister………….. who died. Put Bryton James back with his real life love. Theo was a jerk and I always walked away during his scenes.
    I have CBS app so I have no commercials, but the way they throw all the good characters off the show makes me rethink if it is even worth it.

  12. They need to bring Donny back…he plays that roll so good. It makes no sense at all..newly weds..and they take him off the show?? For the love…and his character is not leaving or being killed off….so what the heck? The writers are not making any sense.
    Bring back Donny……bring him back.

  13. something political is amiss…a few episodes ago Abby (when talking to Nina) mentioned that she came from a privileged background. Amanda’s “abandoned” storyline is slowly gaining more segments. Danny’s character will not ever be present for raising Devon’s baby. Nina and Abby obsequiously discussing raising the biracial baby. This my seem as incoherent rambling, but if “cuts are coming” why have such a build-up of Chance and Abby’s love and marriage only to dismiss it so rapidly? Think of how integral Chance was in the storyline when he was shot for Adam’s sake (over the holidays) and his life hung in the balance. Now it’s gone. FOREVER

  14. Bring back Chance (Boaz) The happy connection if refreshing to see. Leave out hateful Theo and bring back loving Chance. Tired of the hate.


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