The Young and the Restless: Sharon Case talks Sharon’s breast cancer story

Sharon Case opens up about her character breast cancer battle on The Young and the Restless.
Sharon Case credits the writers for telling such a powerful breast cancer story. Pic credit: CBS

Sharon Case is talking about Sharon’s breast cancer story that is playing out on The Young and the Restless right now. The talented actress is getting real about what it is like to take on such a remarkable story.

Y&R is taking its time unfolding the emotional situation Sharon Newman is facing. A recent episode solely focused on Sharon shutting out her family as she attempted to fight cancer herself.

Thanks to a visit from her dead daughter Cassie (Camryn Grimes), Sharon finally realized she needed to let her family help her through the ordeal.

The story features a different pace

Sharon’s breast cancer story is being told at a slower pace than other stories, and that is intentional. Back in the day, Y&R creator William Bell told stories with long, emotional beats as opposed to the fast pace stories that unfold today.

“I was very flattered that anyone thought of me when this story came up in the writers’ meeting and that I’d be trusted to take it to where it needs to go. And I think you’re right. A storyline like this does have a different pace. I enjoy playing that pace. I like to think a lot in my scenes. I like to take more beats. Sometimes that works more for a certain storyline, and, yes, this is one of them. This pacing is familiar to us. It’s the way Bill Bell wrote the show. I can jump back into that,” explained the actress to TV Insider.

The CBS daytime drama did a Sharon-centric episode that focused solely on her preparing and dealing with her cancer. Considering how crucial it is for everyone involved to tell an authentic breast cancer story, the network even partnered with the American Cancer Society for the story, so fans can expect more Sharon-focused episodes.

How Sharon prepped for her characters breast cancer story

The talented actress revealed she did very little research for Sharon’s breast cancer story. Sharon admitted the credit for the story goes to the writers and the research they have done on the disease.

“My performance is following through with what’s written. I could do a lot of research, but [I don’t think] it’s going to matter. I do what the writers write. And they’re doing a great job! This story is entertaining and informative. Also, we’re all fairly informed in today’s world about certain things. There’s nothing that’s been in the scripts that I haven’t understood,” she shared.

Although Y&R is determined to tell a compelling story about breast cancer, fans shouldn’t worry that Sharon will die. The show is focusing on her battle and how it impacts her close relationships.

For example, the dynamic Sharon has with her current beau, Rey (Jordi Vilasuso), and her ex-husband, Nick (Joshua Morrow) will shift. The actress did not give details on the shift, so fans will have to keep watching to find out how Sharon’s breast cancer story plays out onscreen.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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