Is Chelsea leaving The Young and the Restless again?

Chelsea on The Young and the Restless: Will she leave the CBS show?
Chelsea’s health crisis has fans worried her days in Genoa City are numbered. Pic credit: CBS

Thanks to recent developments on the hit CBS soap opera, fans are asking if Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) is leaving The Young and the Restless.

Chelsea is in the midst of a medical crisis, even if she doesn’t want to believe it. Viewers knew the character’s health was in jeopardy in early December after Chelsea began suffering from severe headaches.

Now she had just been kidnapped and was also knocked out while trapped in an elevator. The stress from both of those traumatic events could have merely given Chelsea a migraine.

Add in her on-again-off-again romance with Adam (Mark Grossman), it was easy for fans to believe Chelsea’s lifestyle was getting the best of her. Sadly that was not the case, and Chelsea is suffering from a severe medical condition.

What’s wrong with Chelsea?

The hit daytime drama didn’t drag out what was wrong with Chelsea. She didn’t experience multiple crippling headaches or pass out from several dizzy spells.

Chelsea went to the doctor but wasn’t interested in hearing her diagnosis. All she wanted was to leave Genoa City with Adam by her side to live near their son Connor.

Instead, Adam discovered a phone message from Chelsea’s doctor, revealing she had a brain aneurysm that could be potentially dangerous. It was likely caused because of her fall in the elevator.

Is Chelsea leaving Y&R?

Chelsea must undergo an operation to help with her medical condition. According to Adam and Chelsea, the procedure was supposed to be no big deal.

However, The Young and the Restless spoilers indicate Chelsea faces a set-back, and fans can bet it has to do with her brain aneurysm.

A social media post from Melissa revealed the actress’s real-life husband, Matt Katrosar, will be back on the CBS show this week. Matt will portray an EMT who helps Chelsea amid a health crisis. Due to COVID-19, the daytime drama uses cast members’ real-life partners for scenes where characters need to be physically touched.

Along with Chelsea’s health declining, she and Adam have been telling all of Genoa City they were leaving town soon. Those two reasons have fans worried about Chelsea’s future on the soap opera.

There is no indication from Melissa or The Young and the Restless that Chelsea is leaving the show. The actress loves playing the role. Plus, the CBS daytime drama continuously finds good storylines for the character.

Fans will recall Melissa and Chelsea did leave in February 2018 but returned a little over a year later in June 2019. It was the character’s only absence since Chelsea hit town in 2011.

Now, remember Y&R is also very good at keeping shocking details under wraps. It certainly seems like Chelsea isn’t going anywhere, but anything is possible in the soap opera world.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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