General Hospital spoilers for next week: Nina’s reckoning begins, Carly rages, and Cassadine drama

Jason and Carly on General Hospital.
Carly is very upset about Nina on General Hospital. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital spoilers for the upcoming week in Port Charles tease more of the Nixon Falls fallout and some unlikely moments. 

Things are upside down as Sonny (Maurice Benard) returned from the dead. Everyone is trying to work through what happened, with the consequences of actions playing out all week. 

Ava (Maura West) and Nikolas’ (Marcus Coloma) stalker drama is still in full swing too. The teen scene is on the case, but the actions of the stalkers are still causing havoc in the lives of people who have no idea who they are. 

Cassadine drama 

Nikolas and Spencer (Nicholas Chavez) are back to feuding. Despite their attempt to patch things up, things worsen between the father and son duo next week on General Hospital

Will Nikolas learn that his son and his rotten girlfriend are behind the trouble for Ava? Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) is his partner in crime (literally), and Joss (Eden McCoy), Cam (William Lipton), and Trina (Sydney Mikayla) are on to them. 

Spencer will be dishing out an apology by the end of the week, but who will be the recipient?

Speaking of Cassadine drama, Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) finds himself in trouble too. He and Anna (Finola Hughes) were hot on the case tracking Peter (Wes Ramsey), and now, they’ve found trouble. 

When Anna goes looking for Valentin to tell him about what she’s discovered, will she find him? 

Nina’s reckoning 

The decisions she made for months are coming to a head. Nina (Cynthia Watros) will have to reap what she sowed, but what aspect will that apply to in her life? 

Carly (Laura Wright) is hellbent on Nina getting what she feels she deserves. Her anger is out of control, and next week on General Hospital, she takes that anger to Sonny when she reveals why she thinks Nina did what she did. 

There is speculation that she won’t take kindly to Sonny now, showing the same rage, especially given all he’s lost. Carly is known to make rash decisions based on her emotions, and if she does this time, it could backfire on her badly. 

Other Port Charles tidbits 

Other happenings in Port Charles include Esme asking for Cameron’s help. This will cause issues between him and Joss, which is precisely what Spencer’s girlfriend wants. 

Meanwhile, Maxie (Kirsten Storms) feels the need to apologize. The recipient isn’t known, but it could be Nina. After all, she is the one who told Carly about what happened. 

To find out how everything goes down, be sure to tune in all next week. 

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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Tanya Sellier
Tanya Sellier
1 year ago

Please don’t put Sonny with Nia, that is a huge mistake in every way.

Norine einck
Norine einck
1 year ago

Leave sonny and Carly alone, and bring back free

Sam to home with Danny and scout
And Jason find complete love away from carly, and punish Nina
Let ava finally be h appy