General Hospital preview for next week: JaSam episodes featured

Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco as Jason and Sam on General Hospital.
JaSam is one of General Hospital’s favorite couples. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital is continuing with theme weeks. With production still suspended and an unknown date for a return, the show has crafted weeks dedicated to favorite couples, events, and moments.

The preview for next week’s episodes of General Hospital reveals that it is all about JaSam and their love story. There is a considerable fanbase for Jason (Steve Burton) and Sam (Kelly Monaco), and they have been rooting for this couple for more than a decade.

Which JaSam episodes will General Hospital air?

JaSam fans are in for a treat when next week’s episode of General Hospital air! Monday will take viewers back to December 2003 when Jason and Sam come face to face at the PCPD after both are arrested.

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Tuesday’s episode will be a somber one. It is from November 2004 when Jason has to tell Sam that her baby died. Lila was a child she shared with Sonny (Maurice Benard), but everyone heard Jason was the father. This moment is when the couple started to gain traction, even though they weren’t together.

On Wednesday, General Hospital takes fans back to October 2005. Sam and Jason goof around and have a water fight in Hawaii. Their relationship is blossoming, and the fanbase is only growing larger.

Thursday’s episode is from July 2011. It features Jason proposing to Sam. JaSam fans will remember that instead of a ring, he gave his bride-to-be something else.

To wrap up the week, Friday’s episode will be the JaSam wedding. In September 2011, Jason and Sam got married at the Chinese restaurant, the Noodle Buddha. This has been a considerable part of their story, with it being mentioned several times over the years since then.

GH 9/22/11 Jasam's Wedding Part 1

It has been almost two decades since Jason and Sam met, fell in love, lived through ups and downs, he died and came back, and now, they get their week to celebrate the chaos that is JaSam and their story.

When will General Hospital resume new episodes?

As of now, there is no definitive answer about when General Hospital will resume production. The Bold and the Beautiful had attempted to begin shooting this week, and after only one day, production is halted once again.

While viewers wait, General Hospital is crafting themed weeks to keep them entertained. This week was CarSon-themed, and next week, it is all about JaSam.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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Bettina Guffey
Bettina Guffey
3 years ago

I am so missing GH sure this a hard time for all can’t wait for return