General Hospital preview for next week: CarSon episodes take front stage

Carly and Sonny on General Hospital.
General Hospital will feature CarSon all next week. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital has finally ended the Nurses Ball reruns, and next week, it will be all about CarSon. Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (Laura Wright) have been a fan-favorite duo for years.

All of the episodes will feature Laura’s Carly instead of including the other three women who have held the role throughout the years.

In November, Laura Wright will celebrate 15 years as Carly Corinthos on the show. Maurice has played Sonny for 27 years, which means that he has spent half of that time playing opposite Laura.

Which CarSon episodes will General Hospital air?

On Monday, June 15, CarSon week on General Hospital kicks off with an episode from 2007. This was when the Metro Court crisis took place. It was the beginning of February sweeps, and when Sonny and Carly revealed they loved each other once again.

Tuesday’s episode takes viewers to September 2013. Sonny decides to go off his bipolar meds and begins spiraling out of control. Carly begs and pleads with him to resume his medication for fear of what may happen if he doesn’t.

On Wednesday, General Hospital moves to 2015. Sonny remains in critical condition as Carly reads through the vows he said to her. She remembers all of the strides they have made in their relationships as she remains in the chapel, hoping he will pull through.

Thursday’s episode takes viewers a month ahead of Wednesday’s episode. This was a lead into what November sweeps would be. Carly and Sonny remarry in the chapel, with their loved ones surrounding them.

Friday’s episode wraps up the week with one of the episodes where Laura Wright has stood out in recent years.

It is an episode from October 2016. Carly is grieving the loss of Morgan (Bryan Craig). She blames Sonny for his death. It is one of the moments where CarSon was able to be raw and in the moment.

When will General Hospital resume taping?

Currently, production is still suspended at General Hospital. It has been since mid-March, and there has been no word on when things will resume.

There have been rumblings about California resuming production as early as this week, though the network has not mentioned anything about General Hospital.

The Bold and the Beautiful had hoped to resume taping this month, but that has not yet happened.

For now, encore episodes of the ABC soap will continue to air. Next week is CarSon centered, and after that, it is unknown.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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