General Hospital preview for next week: Nurses Ball encores continue

A performance from the 2016 Nurses Ball.
The 2016 Nurses Ball will be featured on General Hospital next week. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital will be rerunning Nurses Ball episodes next week. There are going to be more performances, familiar faces, and storylines of the past.

With production still halted on General Hospital, the Nurses Ball episodes will keep fans entertained until mid-June.

For now, this is what will be airing, so the timeslot remains filled until new material can be shot and edited.

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Which Nurses Ball episodes will air on General Hospital next week?

Monday’s episode will be from the 2016 Nurses Ball. There is still plenty of scandal happening, and some familiar faces will be seen in Port Charles.

Franco (Roger Howarth) will help when he is needed. Nikolas is still being played by Tyler Christopher and interacting with Hayden (Rebecca Budig).

Tuesday will be all about the Chimera. That storyline was a big one on General Hospital in 2017. This will also be when Sonny (Maurice Benard) takes hold of Morgan’s (Bryan Craig) medication.

Wednesday is the next episode in line with the 2017 Nurses Ball.

The Chimera will be discussed, and Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) admitted he sold it to Helena (Constance Towers). Nelle (Chloe Lanier) gets a visit from Michael (Chad Duell) while she is in the hospital.

Thursday’s episode is going to be one that many General Hospital fans might remember well. Sonny and Carly (Laura Wright) find out that Ava (Maura West) changed out Morgan’s pills. His downward spiral was because of her.

Friday begins the 2018 Nurses Ball.

Curtis (Donnell Turner) will propose to Jordan (Vinessa Antoine). Sam (Kelly Monaco) discovers Peter (Wes Ramsey) has Faison’s (Anders Hove) lighter.

This episode will take fans into the following week, where the 2018 Nurses Ball picks up.

When will General Hospital air new episodes again?

At this point, the future is unknown. General Hospital has not made a statement about when taping will likely resume. So far, only The Bold and the Beautiful has mentioned they want to return at some point in June.

When General Hospital does return to filming, there will still be a delay in episodes airing. The team has to shoot and edit everything before they can run on television.

It will likely be a two to four week deal for turnaround at the bare minimum.

The Nurses Ball episodes will run through June 12, and then a new plan will have to be devised.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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