General Hospital Nurses Ball host Lucy Coe causes commotion for Kevin

Lynn Herring as Lucy Coe on General Hospital
Lucy Coe is more present in Port Charles as May sweeps draws near. Pic credit: ABC

With the General Hospital Nurse’s Ball just around the corner, the name of the hostess with the mostest, Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring), seems to be on everyone’s lips, especially Kevin Collins’ (Jon Lindstrom).

Lucy Coe is a legend in Port Charles. She has been married to some of the most desirable men, written a travel guide to Port Charles, and of course, hosts the Nurse’s Ball every year.

But her story is heating up again, threatening to become front burner with the latest wrinkle in her infamous ex’s life.

Yesterday Kevin was in court to face the music for the way in which he enabled his evil twin Ryan to wreak havoc in Port Charles. No one is pleased with the good doc now, except for the ever-faithful, ever-hopeful Lucy.

There she was waiting for her Doc, when he came out of the hearing. He was oh so grateful to her for paying his bail. Uh oh, it wasn’t Lucy!

Laura (Genie Francis) paid for his freedom, but that doesn’t mean that Lucy won’t have a place at the table in the coming days and months.

She’s never gotten over Doc apparently. With Laura being wishy-washy about the town shrink and enabler, look for Lucy to make her move! Maybe she’ll show up at his doorstep with chicken soup again?

In the meantime, General Hospital fans can look forward to seeing more of the inimitable Lucy, as the annual Nurses Ball planning gets underway. The always-entertaining ball airs on Thursday, May 16, and no doubt a boatload of trouble, shenanigans, and hopefully half-naked male strippers will bust out!

The Nurses Ball debuted in 1994 as a way to raise HIV/AIDS research awareness and funding. Since that time, it has become a who’s who of Port Charles talent and a shocking bombshell or three always drop jaws.

Fun fact: Lynn Herring is married to Wayne Northrup, the former Port Charles and Days of our Lives star.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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