How old is Lucy Coe on General Hospital?

General Hospital fans know and love their soap history, so seeing a blast from the past is always a delight. In recent days we’ve been treated to just that as Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) has been flitting around Port Charles in a couple of roles. This has prompted many fans to ask how old is

General Hospital Nurses Ball host Lucy Coe causes commotion for Kevin

With the General Hospital Nurse’s Ball just around the corner, the name of the hostess with the mostest, Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring), seems to be on everyone’s lips, especially Kevin Collins’ (Jon Lindstrom). Lucy Coe is a legend in Port Charles. She has been married to some of the most desirable men, written a travel


General Hospital book review: Travel Guide to Port Charles

With summer just around the corner, General Hospital fans may be thinking of a side trip to the most infamous of New York cities, Port Charles. Now you can skip the hassle (and avoid getting caught in mob crossfire), because that most splendid of vixens, Lucy Coe (alter ego of Lynn Herring), has penned the