Does Ava die on General Hospital? Is Maura West leaving?

Jon Lindstrom and Maura West as Ryan Chamberlain and Ava Jerome on General Hospital
Will Ava be Ryan’s final victim? Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital is finally winding down the Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) storyline. The last several months in Port Charles have been filled with gruesome murders and false confessions.

Ava Jerome (Maura West) believes she is happily involved with Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom), but instead it is Ryan Chamberlain masquerading as the good doctor. As all of this comes to a head, it looks like there will be some devastating consequences as the truth unfolds.

Ryan is obsessed with Ava

At this point, Ryan Chamberlain is solely focused on building a life with Ava. The two have been involved for quite a while, though only became engaged recently.

He murdered Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin) after Ava became enraged by her daughter. Ryan believed killing her would help the woman he loved in some twisted way.

The last several days have seen Ryan panic over and over as he nearly escapes being found out. Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry) was involved in an accident and is currently unconscious in the hospital unable to help Franco (Roger Howarth). She is barely hanging on, and Franco was attacked by Ryan while in Ferncliff.

Kevin and Laura (Genie Francis) are currently locked in the basement of Ferncliff. They both crossed Ryan and she was so close to helping Kevin out of the psych ward. The two have worked to find a way out, and it looks like they do.

General Hospital promo

In the new promo released by General Hospital, viewers see the confrontation between Ryan Chamberlain and Laura and Jason (Steve Burton).

They are on the bridge and Ava is standing there with who she believes is Kevin. When they shout that he is Ryan and not Kevin, it looks like he tries to either throw Ava off the bridge or jump with her.

Does this mean it is the end of Ava Jerome on General Hospital? She debuted back in 2013, and since then she has been a fan-favorite character who viewers love to hate. Maura West has not announced any plans to depart the show, which likely means, despite whatever happens, Ava will survive.

As the storyline wraps up, there are still so many questions that need to be addressed. What happens to Carly after she is tied up in the trunk of Ryan’s car. She is currently pregnant with Sonny’s child. Will this cause her to miscarry?

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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