Sara Haines jokes on The View during mayhem on the set

Sara Haines at an event representing The View
Sara Haines made a joke when a taping of The View was disrupted. Pic credit: ©

Things got exciting on The View this week during a discussion of the Supreme Court and one of its decisions.

This time, it wasn’t a fight between the ladies or a wardrobe malfunction that caused things to come to a stop on the set.

Joy Behar was in charge during this taping since Whoopi Goldberg was away visiting the Pope at the Vatican before her typical long weekend.

The last time the set was disrupted was over a fire at a neighboring set, which happened on Tamron Hall’s talk show.

That week was tumultuous for The View, with an earthquake causing alarms to sound during the filming of The View and an unruly audience member disrupting things in another instance.

Things had been running smoothly these last few months until a giant insect landed close to Ana Navarro during a taping of the show.

Sara Haines said the large fly looked like a chihuahua

Ana Navarro was in the middle of a long speech when she looked down and saw what she called a “giant fly” that started to cause mayhem on the set of The View.

Sunny stood up and tried to shoo it away when Sara jumped in to say, “Don’t swat it towards me!” Joy tried to calm everyone down and get the ladies back on track.

Sara had none of it and then joked, saying, “It’s a massive fly; it looked like a chihuahua.” She did not like that fly one bit.

Ana took back the floor, joked a line or two, and returned to the topic of the Supreme Court.

The whole clip can be seen on The View’s YouTube channel.

Sara Haines shared about her new hairstyle on the podcast

Sara stopped by Brian Teta’s podcast, The View: Behind the Table, to discuss her new hairstyle.

Brian shared that Sara’s hair was trending on social media and asked her about it. She said, “I loved the hair, period.”

In a poll Brian put up on X (formerly Twitter), the majority thought she looked like the lead in Fatal Attraction.

All in all, Sara was excited to have the curls, which surprised her. She was not looking as if her hair was being done, and suddenly, she looked up and saw all her curls.

Having such a good attitude about her hairstyle is excellent, especially with all the fans having their own opinions.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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