Sara Haines’ new hairstyle is giving The View fans ‘Annie’ vibes

Sara Haines on The View
Sara Haines has a new hairstyle that is giving off “Annie” vibes. Pic credit: ABC

Everyone at The View is getting a summer refresh, with Whoopi Goldberg looking slim and fit, Sunny Hostin getting fresh clothing from a famous tag sale, and Sara Haines and her new hairdo.

It is nice to see changes in the ladies’ clothing choices and hairstyles since these topics have recently been heavily politicized.

When Sunny shared buying a Prada coat from a Bravolebrity like Jenna Lyons, it was a breath of fresh air instead of fighting over who will win the election later this year.

As Sara recently debuted a cute new perm on the show, fans flocked to X (formerly Twitter) and shared their opinions about her appearance.

Sara’s hair was so popular that Brian Teta, the executive producer of The View, started a poll on his X account.

Brian’s poll asked what vibe Sara’s new curly-haired perm was giving: Sandy at the end of Grease, Fatal Attraction, or Shirley Temple.

Brian Teta started a poll about Sara Haines on X
Pic credit: @Brianteta/X

Fans react to Sara’s new hairstyle on social media

One fan chose none of the poll options and said, “Sorry Sara getting her Annie vibe on.”

The fan shared side-by-side photos of Little Orphan Annie from the musical and Sara Haines as if to compare them.

Another fan loved Sara’s perm and said, “Sara is making me want my 80s perm back.”

A fan of The View remarks on Sara Haines' hairstyle
A fan comments on Sara Haines and her hair. Pic credit: @wendybeighey/X

And yet another fan loved the look, saying, “Sara actually looks good today!!!! This curly, crinkly do and makeup is giving ‘Sex In The City!’ Carrie vibes.”

A fan of The View remarked about Sara Haines and her hair
A fan commented about Sara Haines and her new hairstyle. Pic credit: @LibraAbsolut/X

Not everyone was happy, and one fan expressed disdain over Alyssa Farah Griffin’s outfit and noted they thought Sara “was jealous of Sunny’s curls.”

A fan commented on Alyssa Farah Griffin and Sara Haines on The View
A fan commented on how the ladies looked on The View. Pic credit: @jerzygirl45/X

Whether you love or hate it, Sara certainly got everyone talking about her new curly hair on The View.

Brian Teta shared congratulations for the ladies on The View

Brian has been busy with his team at The View. From keeping the ladies in line, making polls about Sara’s hair, and offering congratulations to the team at The View over another milestone, he stays involved.

The ABC News PR team shared information on X (formerly Twitter) showing that The View hit an “8-week high,” and Brian offered thanks to his “incredible team @TheView” because they are ranking first in households and total viewers.

Brian Teta congratulated the crew at The View on X
Brian Teta thanked his team at The View on X (formerly Twitter). Pic credit: @Brianteta/X

This news about the ratings may mean that The View could give the current Emmy winners Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos a run for their money at the Daytime Emmy Awards next year.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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