Robin Roberts shares message after GMA return: ‘Not quitting day jobs anytime soon’

gma regular robin roberts
Robin Roberts was back on GMA after an abrupt absence last week. Pic credit: ABC

Robin Roberts told fans that she and her co-workers aren’t ready to quit their day jobs for a new career in entertainment.

The Good Morning America regular returned to the desk earlier this week after suddenly missing an episode last week.

Last Friday, Roberts was replaced by Eva Pilgrim, who regularly fills in for her colleague.

However, Roberts was back on Monday and Tuesday and shared several updates with her fans, including her “#tuesdaythoughts.”

The message featured a discussion of how it’s “good to be passionate about dreams” and “healing, freedom, and promotion.”

Roberts shared that one shouldn’t be consumed by it all while waiting for the right path to show itself.

Roberts says ‘not quitting our day jobs’

GMA star Robin Roberts shared her “#tuesdaythoughts” on social media, which included the delivery of a motivational message and prayer. These videos arrive regularly throughout the week as Roberts looks to inspire her fans and followers.

The clips are filmed in her dressing room, where her Glam Fam makeup and stylist crew is with her to add their thoughts.

“Don’t put your happiness on hold until everything works out,” Roberts shared for Tuesday’s message, adding, “This day is a gift.”

“You have to pass the test of being happy where you are. You have to put your foot down and say, ‘You know what? I am going to enjoy this day. This crisis, these challenges, or this bad break? Not gonna stop me,’” Roberts shared.

Roberts also spoke about trusting God’s timing and ways of making things work for the best.

After the motivational message, she delivered a morning prayer, which inspired a woman behind the camera to nod in understanding.

“You couldn’t see it, but behind the camera? This was Petula, nodding along,” Roberts said as she nodded.

The woman off camera recalled a song that Roberts’ words reminded her of.

“You know that song, Robin? ‘This is the day, this is the day. That the Lord has made, that the Lord has made,’ she sang as Robin danced.

Roberts continued to dance as another woman off-camera joined in with the song briefly.

“We are not quitting our day jobs anytime soon!” Roberts joked with viewers.

She told her Glam Fam crew: “Beautiful voices! Angelic voices!”

Roberts is back to work at Good Morning America

Roberts appeared on multiple episodes of GMA last week and returned to the New York Studio on Monday and Tuesday.

Her colleague Michael Strahan was absent from the lineup on Monday following his appearance for Fox’s Sunday pre-game and post-game coverage of the NFL’s NFC Championship Game.

Earlier this month, Roberts missed several GMA episodes, as she revealed she and her wife, Amber, and Glam Fam traveled to Park City, Utah.

The group went to the annual Sundance International Film Festival. During Roberts’ time there, she revealed a new project she is executive producer of, The Great War, which is coming to TV.

During another of Roberts’ recent GMA absences, her colleague George Stephanopolous said she was “on assignment.” It remains unclear why Roberts missed last Friday’s episode, but many viewers are happy to see her back at the GMA desk this week.

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