Robin Roberts shares about ‘demands of work’ and family ahead of potential GMA absence

gma star robin roberts face shot from abc morning program
Robin Roberts is likely to miss the upcoming episode of GMA. Pic credit: ABC

If her latest message is any indication, Good Morning America star Robin Roberts is ready to take more time off from her day job.

Roberts has previously missed episodes of the show due to travel or spending time with friends and family.

She’s also frequently been away for Friday episodes of the show, often enjoying a three-day weekend to recharge after her busy work schedule.

In the past month, Roberts also left New York to travel around the country for several days on various assignments for ABC’s morning and evening news programs.

That included stops in Iowa, Tennessee, and California before she returned to New York and Connecticut, her home region.

Ahead of the Thursday, March 21 episode of GMA, she shared what some might consider a cryptic message about work and family, followed by an update about traveling.

Roberts spoke about the ‘demands of work’ and family taking a toll

On Thursday morning, Robin Roberts appeared in an Instagram video recorded in her dressing room at GMA with her stylists, aka the “Glam Fam” also there.

“You know there are the constant demands of work, family, maintenance of the house, and friends who are counting on us,” Roberts said to fans in part of her message.

She said that leads to us developing a “hero mentality where we can’t let anyone down.”

“We always have to be strong. Always come through. Cheer everyone else up. Fix the problem. Stay late,” she said, adding, “We’re doing all of these good things to try to keep everyone around us happy.”

Roberts said this causes a problem as we become “depleted, drained [and] worn out.” She shared that while we might be making everyone else a priority, we also need to prioritize ourselves.

As part of her message, she advised staying mentally, spiritually, and emotionally healthy.

Roberts stressed the importance of resting and recharging, mentioning that even God “rested on the seventh day.”

“We’ve often said self-care is not being selfish,” Roberts also added.

The GMA anchor’s latest remarks were part of her morning message and prayer, which she regularly delivers to fans and followers on social media throughout the week. Roberts didn’t add whether or not she had any particular things going on in her life that related to the remarks, though.

Roberts shared an update about traveling away from GMA

While Roberts didn’t mention any travel plans in her morning message video above, she revealed later that she was on the go.

Taking to her Instagram Story, she uploaded an image showing herself viewing a menu at a table with two glasses of champagne.

“What do you do when your flight is delayed?!” she asked in an interactive question for fans and followers.

screenshot of robin roberts instagram story slide about flight delay
Robin Roberts shares an Instagram Story slide about a delayed flight. Pic credit: @robinrobertsgma/Instagram

As of this writing, she hasn’t shared any other updates about her travel situation.

She’s missed Friday episodes of Good Morning America before, including earlier this month as she traveled to Iowa to interview college basketball star Caitlin Clark and Nashville to visit with Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood.

In addition, she had a recent interview with actors Christina Applegate and Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

Roberts’ absences aren’t always work-related. She has traveled on vacation with her wife, Amber Laign. Based on the recent slide with two champagne glasses, that may be the case for this upcoming three-day weekend.

It’s unknown which anchors will appear on Friday’s episode of GMA, although viewers have seen regular Michael Strahan and George Stephanopoulos during the week.

One or both GMA anchors may appear on March 22, with Rebecca Jarvis or another anchor filling in for Roberts.

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