GMA’s Robin Roberts warns Michael Strahan ‘be nice’ during guest interview

robin roberts face shot from march 2024 good morning america
Robin Roberts during a March 2024 episode of Good Morning America. Pic credit: ABC

Good Morning America co-stars Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan had a somewhat awkward exchange during a televised interview.

Strahan and Roberts appeared on GMA following their absences last week. Strahan was away from the show for a week, possibly to spend time with his family during his daughter Isabella’s chemotherapy.

They returned this week and participated in presenting various news stories, along with interviews, including one with actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

Many of the main GMA stars participated in the segment, including anchor George Stephanopolous and Lara Spencer.

Gyllenhaal spoke about starring in the “reimagined” version of Roadhouse 25 years after the Patrick Swayze original debuted.

During the conversation, Roberts warned Strahan about being “nice” while working alongside her and others at GMA.

Roberts warns Strahan to ‘be nice’ during GMA interview

Viewers have seen Roberts and Strahan have interesting interactions, including GMA’s Barbie movie spoof and jabs at each other during the morning program.

While on a recent GMA episode, Roberts spoke about her love for the classic film starring Patrick Swayze and quoted a line from the movie.

“I want you to be nice until it’s OK not to be nice,” Roberts recited to Gyllenhaal, adding, “But it was that temperament he had.”

“You’ve been saying that all morning and looking at me,” Strahan blurted out.

At that moment, things became inaudible as Gyllenhaal and Spencer began talking at the same time Roberts and Strahan were.

“I want you to be nice,” Roberts said, waving her finger at Strahan while Spencer and Gyllenhaal kept talking.

The interview didn’t go completely off the rails. Gyllenhaal mentioned he uses many of the original Roadhouse’s quotable lines and said he heard Roberts was a big fan of that movie.

He later presented her, Strahan, Stephanopoulos, and Spencer with white T-shirts featuring Swayze’s image and “Be Kind” printed on them.

The crew appeared delighted by the actor’s thoughtful gifts, joking that all they might have around for Gyllenhaal is a GMA coffee mug.

Roberts interviewed a fellow TV journalist about her scary health diagnosis

On Tuesday’s GMA, Roberts sat down with ESPN’s Hannah Storm, a friend and fellow TV sports journalist. Roberts spent a good part of her career with the sports network before moving to ABC’s GMA and other shows.

In the interview, Storm spoke about her early diagnosis of Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), also known as stage 0 breast cancer.

DCIS is a noninvasive cancer that hasn’t spread to other areas beyond the breasts’ milk ducts.

Storm said the diagnosis arrived after a routine mammogram during the NFL season last November. Following the mammogram, she had an ultrasound and a biopsy.

She shared that she had no risk factors, and when she initially received the diagnosis, she was “shocked” and “scared.”

After Storm underwent a successful lumpectomy, she was diagnosed as cancer-free. For three years, she’ll be required to take a hormone therapy drug called tamoxifen.

When asked how she is doing lately, Storm said she was “good” and “very, very, very lucky because they found it so early.”

In 2007, Roberts received an early breast cancer diagnosis, which led to her undergoing surgery and receiving multiple chemotherapy treatments.

She has regularly encouraged other women to get routine mammograms, including former ABC colleague Amy Robach, who received a breast cancer diagnosis in 2013 and was able to become cancer-free in 2022 as a result.

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