Former GMA stars Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes tease big move with podcast after losing jobs

tj holmes face shot from his former show gma3 on abc
T.J. Holmes teased an exciting announcement for he and girlfriend Amy Robach. Pic credit: ABC

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes have big plans with their podcast as they continue to move away from their former jobs with Disney and ABC.

The Tuesday episode of the Amy and T.J. Podcast featured the couple discussing what’s new in their personal and professional loves.

Amy revealed her younger daughter went away on a trip for a week, and it’s a “big deal” since she’s 17 years old and hasn’t started college yet.

“I couldn’t stop crying yesterday,” she revealed early in the podcast, claiming she got super “emotional” over her daughter leaving for a week.

Later in the episode, Amy and T.J. discussed a significant announcement on the way for them.

T.J. teased he was “very excited” about what’s on the way as it relates to him and Amy, as well as the podcast listeners or fans.

Amy and T.J. tease their exciting announcement

Tuesday’s episode of Amy & T.J. Podcast was called Public Display of Affection, and while that was the main focus, a teaser for something else also arrived.

“We can’t tell you much now, but there’s something we are putting together and planning that will happen in the coming weeks, we hope,” T.J. announced near the end of the episode.

“Folks will be able to eventually come out and see us, mingle with us, and even be in the audience if you will, as we’re recording a podcast,” he shared.

T.J. indicated it’s in the works and that they were “very excited and very close” to making an announcement soon.

They joked that the announcement was being made to many listeners, but the room in the venue they would use only holds “about 50 people.”

Amy said it’s still about a month from now and would take place in New York, but they didn’t give additional details on the podcast episode.

Have former GMA3 co-hosts shut the door on a return to ABC or TV?

Amy and T.J. formerly co-hosted ABC’s GMA3, an afternoon extension of Good Morning America, which focused on hard news stories and health information.

It came to light via media headlines and photos that they’d been having an affair while still married to their significant others. The network eventually took them off the air as they launched an investigation.

The couple lost their jobs in January 2023 due to the affair drama causing a stir. With that, they continued dating and kept a mostly low profile, with many people wondering about their next career moves.

In December, they launched the Amy & T.J. Podcast, which includes coverage of their relationship, friendships, families, and even former jobs.

Several recent podcast episodes had the couple putting each other in the hot seat to answer questions. They each asked the other about potentially returning to their former employer.

While Amy revealed she’d only consider it if T.J. was part of the deal, it seemed T.J. indicated he didn’t expect ever to be asked back, so he couldn’t see how it would happen for him.

It’s been rumored that they took low sign-on amounts of about $50,000 to begin podcasting for their iHeartRadio show, but this hasn’t been officially confirmed. It’s also rumored they receive a portion of the ad revenue that the podcast generates.

Most likely, additional revenue would be generated for live podcast events if there were tickets for admission or another charge involved, but that should be revealed when their official announcement is made.

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They might be able to hold their first public podcast in a porta potty.