TJ Holmes reveals if he’d return to GMA after losing job with Amy Robach

tj holmes during a gma3 episode on abc
TJ Holmes appears on GMA3 . Pic credit: ABC

It’s been over a year since TJ Holmes and Amy Robach were terminated from their jobs at ABC’s GMA3.

The two co-hosts were initially taken off the air after headlines surfaced about their secret relationship, which was happening while both were married.

In early January, the network cut ties with them amid the drama over what many deemed an affair.

Recently, Robach gave her thoughts on returning to GMA if asked, and it seemed to include her going there with Holmes.

At the very least, she said it would need to be discussed with Holmes before she made a decision like that.

Meanwhile, Holmes shared his perspective on a potential return for himself and seemed to have a stronger stance than his girlfriend.

Holmes says ‘no chance’ for return to ABC’s GMA

After losing their jobs with the network, Holmes and Robach kept a low profile, with no interviews or comments given to journalists. Most of the articles that surfaced about them were juicy gossip pieces that relied on unknown or unspecified sources.

However, the couple launched their iHeartRadio podcast in December 2023, about a year after being told to stop coming to work at GMA3. The platform has allowed them to share their story and thoughts on various matters, including whether they’d ever be interested in returning to their former employer.

screenshot from instagram video clip of tj holmes on podcast with amy robach
TJ Holmes ponders Amy Robach’s question about his old job on their podcast. Pic credit: @amyandtjpodcast/Instagram

During this past Thursday’s episode of Amy & T.J., Holmes indicated if he were asked to return, there would be a lot of questions associated with it.

“There’s a lot of ifs in there, and does that include working with you? Does that include working with some of the same folks that are still there? That would involve a lot…,” Holmes told Robach.

However, his bottom line was that he couldn’t see how he could return.

“Obviously, nobody over there is thinking about us coming back, but I couldn’t set up a scenario that actually makes sense,” Holmes said on the podcast episode.

Robach said she’d possibly return with Holmes

The couple recently put one another in the hot seat regarding a return to their former jobs, as Holmes had also asked Robach about it.

She initially wanted to know if that would include them asking both of them to return. When Holmes said “No,” Robach also seemed to say “No” to her return.

However, she said if Holmes were part of the return, she would need 24 hours to think it over and discuss it with him. The couple previously co-hosted ABC’s program GMA3, a “third hour” of Good Morning America that arrived in the afternoon.

After first being taken off the air amid the drama surrounding their relationship in December 2022, ABC launched an investigation. In January 2023, an ABC spokesperson stated that Holmes and Robach had been terminated.

After several productive conversations with Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes about different options, we all agreed it’s best for everyone that they move on from ABC News. We recognize their talent and commitment over the years and are thankful for their contributions,” ABC’s spokesperson said in a statement.

GMA3 initially launched in 2018 with Michael Strahan and Sara Haines as hosts. Keke Palmer joined them as a third host a year later.

Per Variety, ABC took the show off the air in March 2020 with Robach, who was co-anchor of 20/20, hosting a show about hard news and medical advice.

In September 2020, it was announced Holmes would join Robach as a GMA3 host, and the show remained intact until their termination by the network.

Are Holmes and Robach enjoying podcasting despite surprising earnings?

After losing their jobs, they continued dating and also finalized their divorces. Robach finalized her divorce from actor Andrew Shue in March 2023, while Holmes reached a divorce settlement with attorney Marilee Fiebig in October 2023.

Based on social media shares like the one above, the couple continues to enjoy one another’s company as they grow their relationship. However, it’s unclear how much they enjoy their current income situation.

In November 2023, The US Sun reported they received a low sign-on advance of $50,000 each for their iHeartRadio podcast. In addition, they were expected to receive a 50/50 ad revenue split with iHeartRadio. The specifics of their deal were unknown, but some believed it was lower than other stars have received.

The Sun’s report shared that other celebrities and personalities received big podcast deals, such as Joe Rogan’s $30 million deal and Dax Shepherd’s $9 million deal with Spotify. However, an insider referred to Holmes and Robach’s podcast as a “vanity project.”

Lucrative or not, it appears that Holmes and Robach enjoy having a platform to express their views, possibly while contemplating other career ventures.

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