Amy Robach comments about potential return to GMA without T.J. Holmes

screenshot of amy robach face shot from amy and tj podcast
Former ABC GMA3 host Amy Robach appears in a clip for the Amy & T.J. Podcast. Pic credit: @amyandtjpodcast/Instagram

Could Amy Robach make a surprising return to Good Morning America over a year after her termination by ABC?

The former GMA3 co-host lost her job early last year after headlines and photos surfaced exposing her affair with co-host T.J. Holmes.

They continued dating amid divorces being finalized and mostly stayed private with their relationship.

However, they officially launched their Amy & T.J. podcast this past December, which offers listeners insight into their personal and professional lives.

During the most recent episode, Holmes grilled his girlfriend with some interesting questions about their former employer, including whether she’d return if asked by Disney, the owner of ABC.

In addition, Robach spoke about potentially participating in an interview, but it wouldn’t be with anyone from her former network.

Amy Robach said she has ‘massive distrust’ for her former industry

The February 13 episode of Amy & T.J. was called Flipping The Script, as Holmes put his girlfriend in the hot seat for some burning interview questions.

“I always like asking the questions more than answering them,” Robach admitted near the start of the episode.

Holmes kicked things off by asking her why she hadn’t done an interview anywhere since their affair over a year ago.

“I know as a journalist, when you give your story to someone else, you then put your story in their hands,” Robach replied, adding, “They can edit it. They can change meanings. They can change context.”

screenshot from instagram shows amy robach during february 13 podcast episode clip
Screenshot of Amy & T.J. Podcast clip from February 13 episode. Pic credit: @amyandtjpodcast/Instagram

Robach said giving your story to another journalist can lead to it being “misconstrued.” She shared she wouldn’t mind participating in a live interview, though.

She said she now prefers having a podcast with Holmes because she has a “massive distrust for the industry” she formerly worked in.

Interestingly, she named Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie as two anchors she’d give an interview to. Both currently work for NBC’s Today.

“I know them. I’ve worked with them. I love them. I trust them, probably more than any other two journalists because I know them,” Robach said.

Robach’s return to ABC would be conditional

Regarding Robach’s former industry, Holmes also asked her if she’d consider returning to work for ABC’s GMA3, which she co-hosted with him until their termination.

“The first person I would call would be you, and I would need to know what the job was,” she shared before asking Holmes if he’d be there with her.

“No,” Holmes said, with Robach replying right away, “Then the answer would be no.”

Holmes switched up the question to ask if her answer would be different if he were also asked to return.

“I would discuss it with you, and we would need at least 24 hours,” Robach answered.

She called working for ABC and as a co-host at GMA3 a “dream job” for her. Robach also revealed she’d considered leaving the job voluntarily after her infamous “hot mic incident” involving her rant about Jeffrey Eppstein.

Robach and Holmes took a New Orleans trip

As Robach and Holmes’ podcast continues, so does their relationship. The couple recently traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana.

Robach shared a slideshow of video and photo highlights on her TikTok page, which she started posting several months ago.

Among the images are shots during and after a parade and Holmes and Robach wearing beads around their necks.

Another photo reveals the couple enjoyed a run in the New Orleans streets, one of their favorite joint activities.


We didn’t make it all the way to #fattuesday but it was an amazing birthday gift to see, for the first time ever, the lead up to #mardigras in amazing, beautiful New Orleans!!! @T. J. @AMY AND TJ

♬ Mardi Gras In New Orleans – Olympia Brass Band

The trip highlights arrived about a week after Robach’s milestone 50th birthday.

Robach and Holmes became co-workers in 2020, and their relationship reportedly started in the summer of 2022. They claim that they were both separated from their spouses and amid divorce proceedings.

The couple, who co-hosted GMA3, were taken off the air after headlines and photos surfaced pointing to what some deemed a “scandalous” affair. ABC terminated them in January 2023, and they’ve both settled their divorces.

They’ve since moved on to co-hosting their weekly podcast and have continued their relationship through all the ups and downs.

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1 month ago

No way….GMA would be off of many programs…..we respect the decision to oust them. Cheated on family, employees and those who trusted her.

1 month ago
Reply to  Winiann

👍👍👍👍👍You need to trust the people that give you the information, and they both were still married ,until the court declared them divorced. They both were still married committing Adultery. They can try to lie there way clean but it wasn’t. Keep them off.

Maria Finizio
Maria Finizio
1 month ago

They should have never been fired. The show isn’t as good now. I hardly watch anymore. Amy Robach was excellent. Its not our place to judge them, they did their jobs well.

1 month ago
Reply to  Maria Finizio

They were 4th in their timeslot WITH them there, so changes were probably in the works anyway.

1 month ago

After you extorted ABC for your payout, you aren’t being re-hired, Amy. So that was pretty much a rhetorical question. Insist on a package deal with Holmes and you won’t be hired ANYWHERE. You really overstate your worth.