Robin Roberts says she’s ‘having one of those mornings’ after returning to GMA

robin roberts from good morning america on abc
Robin Roberts appears on GMA. Pic credit: ABC

Robin Roberts returned to work after an absence from Good Morning America last week but may have been dealing with some difficulties.

The GMA anchor returned for Monday’s episode of the morning show and was back again on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Roberts usually shares a morning message and prayer with fans and followers each weekday.

Before she missed Friday’s GMA, she shared a cryptic message with fans.

Wednesday’s video message on her Instagram was also a bit cryptic, as Roberts seemed to relate to what she had to say.

After wishing everyone a good morning, including her Glam Fam crew, Roberts admitted she was “having one of those mornings.”

Roberts tells fans: ‘I’m having one of those mornings’

“Petula and I were sharing. She had her day yesterday. Today is my day,” Roberts shared.

“But you know what? We’re here. Right, Petula?” she said, asking her Glam Fam stylist.

Roberts didn’t elaborate on what was going on for her day and continued with her daily message about how “it’s easy to avoid things in life we should be dealing with.”

Roberts was back to GMA after a recent absence

Roberts returned to GMA on Monday after taking Friday, February 23, off for an unknown reason.

On Tuesday, she was on the show with her GMA co-hosts, Michael Strahan and George Stephanopoulos.

She opened the program by wishing viewers a good morning and talking about “snow, wind, and wildfire” alerts in parts of the United States.

Roberts then welcomed GMA meteorologist Ginger Zee to present more details on the country’s weather issues.

The program also featured a look at other recent news stories, a sit-down interview with actor Josh Brolin, and a segment Roberts presented for Black History Month.

Roberts’ return to the program also arrived after a big event she participated in over the weekend.

Roberts among guest stars for inspirational event

This weekend, Roberts was one of the celebrity guests at Becoming Unstoppable. The live event featured a virtual presentation about self-worth building live-streamed into the homes of several hundred thousand viewers.

New York Times bestselling author and Founder of IT Cosmetics Jamie Kern Lima hosted the event.

The event featured Lima conducting live interviews with her guests. In addition to Roberts, other participants included Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Maria Shriver, Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts, and Mel Robbins.

Before Roberts appeared, a video package showed highlights of her, including moments of her smiling alongside Strahan and Stephanopoulos at GMA. Roberts appeared live on stage with Lima for the first interview of the event, about an hour and 35 minutes into the event.

According to a press release via Yahoo! News, the event was seen by over 260,000 women this weekend, so Roberts was likely able to provide inspiration, much like she does on social media with her daily messages.

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