Ginger Zee points out wardrobe malfunction on her way to GMA set that nearly went unnoticed

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Ginger records an interview and talks about growing up with depression. Pic credit: @MedCircle/YouTube

Good Morning America chief meteorologist Ginger Zee suffered a fashion faux pas that left her thankful for a good friend who pointed it out.

The 43-year-old TV personality is back to the grind after missing some time off due to a stomach bug that hit her entire family this week.

As Ginger headed back to Times Square Studios in New York City on Friday, she recorded herself as she walked through the hallways to set.

While in full glam for the day, wearing a green ribbed dress and dark high heels, Ginger shared that if it weren’t for GMA’s production manager, Kecia Stewart, she wouldn’t have known that she made a major fashion no-no.

“I was almost down on the set, and Kecia tells me, ‘Oh, I see what you’re doing there.'”

As Ginger panned the camera down to her feet, it was evident that she was sporting two different heels — one leopard-printed and one tan.

“I have two different shoes on,” Ginger continued. “I wouldn’t have known. That’s called a friend.”

“That’s called a friend… @kecia_r_stewart Thank YOU. 😂,” Ginger captioned her Reel, adding the hashtags #friend, #workfriend, and #whoislookingout.

Ginger’s post resonated with many of her followers, who admitted that they had made the same mistake themselves.

Ginger Zee’s fans and followers can relate to accidentally wearing two different shoes

“Been there, done that!” shared one such fan.

Another Instagram user noted, “Wow it happens.”

ginger zee's instagram followers commented on her wardrobe malfunction
Pic credit: @ginger_zee/Instagram

Admittedly, @tamilynnwilson commented, “I’ve done that lol.”

Another one of Ginger’s Instagram followers pointed out that she deserves a pass for her fashion faux pas, especially after she just got over a GI bug.

“After a day or two of barfing and non-stop cleaning, no mom would judge,” they wrote. “Glad to see you back in whatever shoes that looked like they matched 🤣.”

ginger zee responds to a fan in her instagram comments
Pic credit: @ginger_zee/Instagram

Ginger was appreciative of the comment and replied, “😂😂 thank you for including the context of my reality 👏.”

Ginger keeps her wardrobe eco-friendly

Whichever shoes Ginger chose to wear on Friday morning, we’re sure they weren’t new. That’s because the Chief Climate Correspondent for ABC News is taking part in the #NoNewClothes challenge on social media.

In an effort to promote eco-friendly practices, Ginger has refrained from buying any new clothing items for nearly two years now.

Remake began the movement, claiming that it has preserved millions of liters of water, prevented millions of kilograms of CO2 emissions and waste, and saved millions of dollars.

Ginger has taken the cause so seriously that she even refuses to replace her trusty old Ugg boots that she’s owned for years.

Despite them having holes in them, Ginger told her Instagram followers that she’ll have them patched instead of purchasing a new pair.

Although Ginger is a staunch advocate for the cause, she’s come under fire from critics who think she has taken it a bit too far, especially when talking about footwear.

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