Michael Strahan tells GMA star ‘I’m so embarrassed’ during live TV segment

michael strahan face shot from good morning america on abc
Michael Strahan admitted he was “embarrassed” during a recent segment on GMA. Pic credit: ABC

Good Morning America anchor Michael Strahan admitted he was “so embarrassed” during a recent segment on the show.

Strahan returned earlier this week after missing multiple GMA episodes so he could be with family during his daughter Isabella’s ongoing recovery and treatment after the removal of a brain cancer tumor.

He’d previously shut down colleague Robin Roberts, telling his GMA co-star, “Stay away from it,” when she tried to get him to weigh in on a hot topic ahead of the Super Bowl.

Strahan was at the desk with co-anchors Roberts and George Stephanopoulos on the Valentine’s Day episode of GMA.

Later in the show, the Pro Football Hall of Famer appeared alongside another GMA regular, Lara Spencer, who revealed they had something fun to show.

She introduced a highlight reel from Strahan’s NFL days when he was wired up with a microphone under his New York Giants gear during some games.

Strahan admits he’s ‘so embarrassed’ during GMA

“Michael, we wanted to talk about this because we know you have a little experience. First, let’s take a look at the throwback here,” Spencer said as Strahan looked confused.

In the highlight reel video, the intimidating defensive linebacker was shown tackling opponents, sacking a quarterback, and trash-talking along the way.

One of the final highlights showed Strahan flexing after a big play on the field and yelling in excitement.

“I’ll be honest with you, I’m so embarrassed by that,” Strahan said as others in the studio laughed.

Roberts asked if Strahan could feel the mic on him while playing. He said not really, since they “snake it under your pads.”

Spencer said players “probably forget” that the mic is even there when caught up in the game.

“No, that’s the problem. You feel like sometimes you have to say things, especially on the sidelines with your teammates,” he shared.

“You let them know so they don’t say anything incriminating,” he told Spencer and Roberts.

Strahan parlayed his celebrated NFL career into other ventures

Strahan’s stellar play for the Giants earned him a Super Bowl ring and many other accolades, including a Pro Football Hall of Fame spot.

Since his retirement, he’s moved on to other ventures, including working on TV with GMA and Fox for NFL coverage. In addition, he has the Michael Strahan Brand, which offers apparel, skincare products, and more.

Football is his passion, based on his work covering the NFL on Fox during the league’s regular season and playoffs. He also has collaborated on NFL gear.

His brand recently partnered with Starter to make exclusive jackets for Super Bowl LVIII. Strahan shared an IG carousel post with various players and celebrities, including Method Man, wearing the jackets.

It seems Strahan shouldn’t be too embarrassed by his mic moments, as they could have been far worse. He also covers the NFL and many younger players likely look up to him due to his superstar career, which could’ve factored into his embarrassment on GMA.

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