Robin Roberts puts Michael Strahan and George Stephanopoulos on hot seat during GMA

robin roberts face shot from good morning america in february 2024 on abc
Robin Roberts during the Valetine’s Day edition of Good Morning America. Pic credit: ABC

Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts was feeling the love on the Valentine’s Day episode of the ABC program.

She’s been known to joke, tease, and banter with her GMA colleagues, including her fired-up interaction with one anchor about the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce relationship.

However, things nearly became awkward as she put her co-anchors on the hot seat during a live TV segment on Wednesday.

Roberts was joined by Michael Strahan, who returned to GMA after a week away, and George Stephanopoulos, who continues to appear regularly on ABC’s show.

During one part of GMA, Roberts told her co-anchors she had an important question to ask them.

Strahan and Stephanopoulos wisely navigated being put on the hot seat, though.

Robin Roberts asks GMA co-anchors ‘very important’ question

As GMA’s anchors appeared on-screen after the show’s upcoming stories were previewed, Roberts got serious.

“I have to ask you both a very, very important question — Will you be my Valentine?” Roberts asked with a straight face, nearly catching Strahan and Stephanopoulos off guard.

“I don’t want to make Amber mad, but since you asked,” Strahan joked, referring to Roberts’ wife, Amber Laign.

“I don’t want to make Ali [Wentworth] mad,” Stephanopoulos chimed in before looking at the camera and adding, “Ali– you are always my Valentine.”

“Very good save by both of you,” Roberts quipped as everyone chuckled over the interaction.

GMA shared a video clip of the TV moment with their 3.7 million Instagram followers.

Stephanopoulos has been married to comedian, author, and actress Ali Wentworth since 2001. The couple shares two daughters: Elliott Anastasia Stephanopoulos, 21, and Harper Andrea Stephanopoulos, 18.

Strahan is currently with their girlfriend, Kayla Quick. He has four children from his two previous marriages, including twin daughters Sophia and Isabella Strahan.

Strahan’s girlfriend Kayla is often seen hanging out with his twin daughters, including attending a Duke Blue Devils basketball game with Sophia and Strahan.

Of the three GMA anchors, Robin is a recent newlywed, having tied the knot with Amber Laign last year. The couple married at a beautiful ceremony held in the backyard of Roberts’ Connecticut home.

GMA anchors revealed favorites on Valentine’s Day

For a Valentine’s Day social media video post, Roberts, Strahan, and Stephanopoulos were all asked to share their favorite romantic comedies.

Roberts was the first to answer the day’s hot question, saying hers was Love Actually with actor Hugh Grant. She then briefly showed some dance moves before walking away.

Strahan pondered briefly before saying his favorite rom-com is Coming to America, starring Eddie Murphy.

“If you think about it, it actually is a rom-com,” Strahan said.

A busy George Stephanopolous answered, “When Harry Met Sally,” and kept walking past the person holding the phone or camera to record the anchors’ responses.

The 1989 film stars Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal and is considered by some to be among the top romantic comedies of all time. It’s worth noting that Strahan and Roberts also have good taste, as their picks rank in Rotten Tomatoes’ top 200 rom-coms.

They also seem to have made good choices for their love lives as they happily look forward to their Valentine’s Day celebrations in 2024.

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