Robin Roberts reveals ‘bit of a wardrobe malfunction’ before GMA episode

robin roberts face shot from gma on february 14 2024 on abc
Robin Roberts appeared on the Valentine’s Day episode of Good Morning America. Pic credit: ABC

Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts was extra thankful for her stylists, who helped save her from a “wardrobe malfunction.”

The popular GMA host has been known for getting attention when involved in controversial topics.

That included her fired-up remarks on GMA that had co-anchor Michael Strahan telling her he’d “stay away from it.”

More recently, Roberts seemed quite happy she was able to stay away from a wardrobe mishap, though.

She appeared on episodes of ABC’s program this week, including the Valentine’s Day episode.

For the special day, Roberts wore a gorgeous pink dress featuring red designs on the sleeves and front, but it almost wasn’t that choice.

Roberts confesses to a ‘bit of a wardrobe malfunction’

On Wednesday, Roberts shared a video of herself with her 970,000 followers on Instagram. The video was the morning message and prayer she regularly shares on her social media pages throughout the GMA week.

Her “Glam Fam” crew, Roberts’ stylists, is also part of these videos, as they’re with her in her dressing room.

“Good morning!” Roberts said, smiling, as she also wished the Glam Fam a good morning.

“Oh, Petula, if we could only share…what happened,” Roberts said as the women off-camera laughed.

“I had a little bit of a wardrobe malfunction. This is Plan B,” she said, pointing to her outfit.

“That first one — I’m dizzy trying to put that on,” Roberts said as they laughed.

Roberts didn’t elaborate further about the previous outfit’s wardrobe issue as she quickly moved on to other topics.

“Anyways, Happy Valentine’s Day! And Happy Birthday to Sister Sally Ann!” Roberts said.

Roberts then presented the morning message, mentioning that sometimes “it’s easy to let our difficulties cause us to lose our passion in life.” She said people often overlook that there will be a solution that might include “the right people” or “the breaks you need.”

For Roberts, the Glam Fam were the right people for her at the right time. The GMA star considers them an essential part of her team, as she traveled with them to Park City, Utah, last month during the annual Sundance International Film Festival.

Roberts moved past her wardrobe issue for GMA episode

On the recent Valentine’s Day episode of Good Morning America, Roberts was at the desk with co-anchors Michael Strahan and George Stephanopoulos.

Roberts wore the attire seen in her Instagram video above, so her team definitely helped her find a good look that wouldn’t cause any significant issues during live TV.

Photos from the GMA episode, including the co-anchors posing with comedian Amy Schumer, show more of Roberts’ dress.

During the GMA episode, Roberts helped present the day’s other news stories after she joked about the special day with her colleagues.

“Will you be my Valentine?” she asked Strahan and Stephanopoulos at the program’s start.

While that could have become an awkward television moment, Roberts’ co-anchors handled it brilliantly so a few other special people wouldn’t get upset.

Thankfully, Roberts’ Glam Fam also helped her prevent awkward moments that might have arrived with her outfit for the program!

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