Yolanda Leak and Josh Seiter already calling it quits? 90 Day Fiance star shows off new guy on Instagram

Does Yolanda have a new man in her life? Pic Credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Yolanda Leak was just talking babies with her Bachelorette alum boyfriend Josh Seiter.

It was a serious conversation too, as a baby at her age would have serious health risks, but the couple was determined to produce their own biological children.

Sounds like the conversation has changed as Yolanda has been spotted with a new man in her hometown of Las Vegas.

She was accused of a showmance

Yolanda has never been shy with viewers about her love of a muscular man. While her relationship on the TLC show didn’t work with Williams, she found love in the reality TV world.

Even though Josh is still years younger than her, viewers are at least happy with the fact that he isn’t a catfish.

The couple was accused of a showmance by fans claiming the relationship was solely for publicity.

Yolanda has opened an online boutique and Josh sells merchandise that he has recently been pushing heavily onto his followers.

She’s keeping her options open

Granted, Yolanda’s previous relationship lasted over 30 years, so her dating skills are a little rusty.

Her daughter has helped her get modern with the times, all the way down to helping her with online dating profiles. She tries to give her mother advice that not every relationship will end in marriage and to keep her options open.

Yolanda took that seriously as she posted a new mystery man on her social media.

In a recent video posted to her Instagram, the mystery man says, “I had a very nice time with you last night Yolanda and I hope to see you soon.”

It sounds like the couple’s night went well and Yolanda plans on seeing her date again.

Fans offered her their support in her comments. One user wrote, “Do what you gotta do to smile!!” To which Yolanda replied, “Thank U… cuz that’s all that really counts!!! ❤️❤️??????”

While we don’t know if Josh and the 90 Day Fiance star’s relationship is completely over, she’s definitely enjoying the dating experience and taking her daughter’s advice to explore what’s out there.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus at TLC.

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