Winter Everett talks struggle with weight and losing over 100 pounds since gastric sleeve surgery

Winter Everett selfie
Winter Everett says her confidence has skyrocketed after weight loss. Pic credit: @winterckyler/Instagram

Winter Everett is finally opening up about undergoing weight loss surgery over a year ago and how much her life has changed since then.

The Family Chantel star has lost over 100 pounds since she opted for gastric sleeve surgery, but her physical appearance is not the only thing that has changed.

In a post shared on social media, Winter got honest about how much her confidence has skyrocketed since deciding to undergo the life-changing procedure.

The post showed a clip of Winter doing an interpretive dance while clad in a striped dress before her weight loss, and then it showed her dancing outside in a yellow dress after losing weight.

She then shared the images side by side and wrote, “beautiful then and beautiful now.”

In the lengthy caption, she also wrote, “I am so excited to share a little bit about me. I went From a size 24 to a size 16, I never thought I could do it. But I did, and I am so proud of myself. “

90 Day Fiance star Winter Everett
Winter Everett dances in yellow. Pic credit: @winterckyler/Instagram

Winter Everett has lost over 100 pounds after years of struggling with her weight

The TLC personality got honest with her 276,000 Instagram followers and admitted that she’s had a lifetime of struggling with her weight.

Fans first met Winter on 90 Day Fiance with her sister Chantel Everett, and she was always in the shadows of her glamorous older sister.

These days, however, you can see the change in Winter as she has blossomed into a confident woman since she started her weight loss journey.

She confessed in the post, “it was the best decision I ever made. I lost over 100 lbs, and my life has completely transformed.”

“I used to struggle with my weight my entire life. Nothing I tried seemed to work,” shared Winter, who also explained that it wasn’t until she decided to have the gastric sleeve that she started to see a change in her body.

Chantel’s younger sister has been putting in the hard work by exercising consistently and changing her eating habits to stay healthy, and the lifestyle change has improved not just her physical health, but her mental health as well.

90 Day Fiance star Winter Everett is confident and happy after weight loss

Fans have seen a different side of Winter since she lost the weight as she’s come out of her shell and has opened up a lot on social media.

The usually shy and quiet TLC star has been showing her supporters that she has a sense of humor — something that viewers never got to see on the show.

Whether it’s colorful wigs, weird filters, or funny voiceovers, Winter has no problem making fun of herself on TikTok, and that’s admittedly due to her newfound confidence.

“The weight loss wasn’t the only transformation. My confidence skyrocketed,” admitted Winter.

She continued, “and I now have the energy and stamina to do all the things I used to dream about. I can run, hike up mountains, and I feel confident in my own skin.”

She also told her followers that surgery is not a quick fix but a tool that has helped to transform her life.

The Family Chantel is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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