Winter Everett shares her before and after weight loss transformation with fans

Winter Everett
Winter Everett showed off throwback and current pictures highlighting her weight loss transformation. Pic credit: TLC

Winter Everett, the sister of 90 Day Fiance and The Family Chantel star, Chantel Everett, has had a major glow-up since viewers first saw her on Season 5 of the flagship show.

The Family Chantel viewers have watched Winter come into a more prominent role on the 90 Day spinoff, and fans have been privy to her weight loss journey.

Winter has shared her steps toward her physical transformation on the show and on social media.

At the beginning of currently airing Season 4, Winter traveled to Tijuana, Mexico, with Chantel and their mom, Karen Everett. The purpose of the trip was so that Winter could have bariatric surgery there after being inspired by “Weight Loss Barbie” on TikTok.

The procedure went well, and halfway through this season, Winter revealed that she had lost over 100 pounds. However, she discussed feeling like she plateaued at that weight and was taking steps to hopefully move past the rut.

Through her TikTok, Winter shared a video that showed her dramatic weight loss transformation over the years as well as her glow-up in general.

Winter Everett showed The Family Chantel viewers her weight loss journey

In a TikTok video that she reshared on her private Instagram, Winter began in selfie mode before she showed five different pictures that ranged from throwbacks to current times.

The photos highlighted the size that Winter used to be and the progression of her weight loss up through the present day.

The confident share showed Winter’s pride in how far she has come in her journey.

Winter Everett still has braces

During Season 3 of The Family Chantel, Winter got braces and commented that her decision, at least partly, had to do with her ex-fiance Jah’s proclivity towards them.

She has kept the braces on her teeth and continues to rock them with no mention of when she could potentially get them off.

Other 90 Day franchise alum that has famously had braces include Brittany Banks and Pedro Jimeno’s little sister, Nicole Jimeno.

Brittany had said she got braces initially to attract older men, and viewers watched her finally get them off on 90 Day Diaries.

Nicole had gotten her braces off on Season 3 of The Family Chantel and continued to have a major glow-up all the way to being a contestant on Miss Dominican Republic.

The Family Chantel airs Mondays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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1 year ago

enough is enough with the family chantel don’t waste the money on them

Sis. Mary
Sis. Mary
1 year ago

Winter, just starred in her own video. We are looking forward to a New Beginnings for Chantel, and her Family. The little Brother River he has a lot of new videos online we have been watching. River can really sing. All of Chantels family is very Talented. Pedro, and his wife I wish them all well. Hope He come to his senses, and reconcile with Chantel. She is in love with him.