Winter Everett shares video of herself eating, says she ‘used to be so self-conscious to eat in public’

Winter Everett
Winter Everett shared a video of herself eating in public and described her past fears of judgment around it. Pic credit: TLC

Winter Everett has been killing it with confidence since breaking up with her ex-fiance Jah when Season 3 of The Family Chantel ended. She has taken her confidence to new heights in a recent post where she did something she had always been afraid to do, which was eat in front of other people.

In a post, Winter boldly shared a video of herself eating and remarked in the caption about her self-consciousness before and how she feels about overcoming her fear of eating in public now.

Winter has undergone an incredible physical transformation and The Family Chantel fans have been here for it, so Winter’s latest progression is another step forward for fans to watch.

Winter Everett shared video of herself eating, talked about past feelings of self-consciousness

Winter shared a video of herself happily eating in a public setting. She was rocking new blonde hair and had on a swimsuit.

In the caption, she wrote, “Hey butterfly babes! Today I remembered how I used to be so self-conscious to eat in public.. I just always felt like I was being judged by others around me. I have now realized the judgment that I thought came from outside of me was actually coming from within.”

She finished by promoting, “This is me enjoying some chicken croquettes in public while wearing a bikini! The true magic of this clip is that I am doing all of this with a positive mindset! I hope this post reminds you to be kind to yourself!!”

Winter Everett's Instagram post
Winter Everett shared a fear that she got over with The Family Chantel fans. Pic credit: TLC

Can The Family Chantel fans expect another season?

The Family Chantel has been popular enough with 90 Day Fiance fans to already have three seasons so it is possible that it could be renewed for a fourth season.

However, there is a major wrinkle.

Pedro’s storyline during Season 3 revolved around not knowing his father and meeting his half-brothers for the first time. That narrative along with Pedro discovering shocking information about his mother and the women in his family were the driving forces of the popularity of the season.

With that said, a photo surfaced of Pedro, Chantel, and Pedro’s sister Nicole hanging out with Pedro’s half-brothers back in 2014. This means that at least part of his storyline was manufactured and acted out by Pedro and everyone else.

Besides Pedro’s drama with his father’s side of the family, there are plenty of other noteworthy situations in the lives of the other cast members of the show, so a return may still be on the table.

What do you think? Would you like to see another season of The Family Chantel?

The Family Chantel is currently on hiatus.

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