Whoopi Goldberg met with applause as she returns to The View

Whoopi Goldberg at the Academy Awards
The View fans are happy to have Whoopi Goldberg back on set. Pic credit: ©

Move over, Joy Behar; Whoopi Goldberg is back!

The View returned last week after a short summer break without the famous moderator, causing Joy to step into her role temporarily.

Joy admitted that she enjoyed the spot on The View: Behind the Table podcast, suggesting that she might be a “control freak” and telling host Brian Teta, “Well, I enjoy moderating. It’s no secret that I like it. I had my own show many times, and I like being in that position.”

While Joy did a great job in the role, there’s no replacement for Whoopi, and the live audience at The View let her know she was missed.

When Whoopi walked out for the Monday episode, the live audience went wild and jumped to their feet.

The roar of applause was so loud that it was hard to hear Whoopi as she introduced the show.

She assured her fans that she “missed them too” and then complained that she had to “get used to the new chairs” on set.

Whoopi Goldberg missed the first week of the new season

Viewers were worried when The View returned from hiatus without Whoopi Goldberg.

Ana Navarro was on set to fill in for the missing host, and Joy Behar took over the moderator duties.

It turns out that The View fans had good reason to worry, too, because Whoopi tested positive for COVID-19 before the big premiere date.

When the September 5 show aired, Joy told the live audience why Whoopi wasn’t around.

“As you can see, Whoopi is not here today. She has Covid,” Joy told the audience.

The audience grumbled and groaned, unhappy that Whoopi wouldn’t be with them.

“I know! It’s back. It’s back!” Joy exclaimed before telling them, “However, she is on the tail end of her sickness and is on the mend.”

While Joy reassured viewers that Whoopi would probably be back that week, it took a few extra days for her recovery, and Whoopi made her return on Monday, September 11.

Before her return, Whoopi taped a video message for fans to let them know she was on the mend and couldn’t return to the show until she no longer tested positive for COVID-19.

Whoopi is a beloved The View co-host because of her boldness

It seems like Whoopi Goldberg has been a co-host on The View forever, possibly because of her huge personality and willingness to talk about nearly anything.

She often says things that leave people scratching their heads, like when she made it clear that she didn’t want to be turned into a hologram or refuses to use smart home devices.

But she’s also been in the industry for a very long time and often offers up great advice.

It’s great to have Whoopi back on The View now that she’s healthy again. While Ana Navarro did a great job, no one can replace Whoopi.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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