Who won the Power of Veto on Big Brother and did it get used this week?

Kevin Campbell BB22 Block Again
Big Brother 2020 saw Kevin Campbell get nominated again. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother houseguests played for the Power of Veto over the weekend, and CBS will present the results during the Wednesday night episode of the show.

Cody Calafiore won the Head of Household Competition, again, and decided that he was going to nominate Kevin Campbell and David Alexander for eviction.

When Cody was HOH in Week 1, he nominated Kevin then, as well, putting him on the block next to Keesha Smith. It was Keesha who got sent home first this season.

Cody, Kevin, and David were joined by Tyler Crispen, Nicole Franzel, and Enzo Palumbo in the Veto Competition.

Who won the Power of Veto on Big Brother 22?

Cody won the OTEV Veto Competition and kept the power in his hands for the week. It presented him with an opportunity to backdoor someone and follow through on all of the chatter about targeting Christmas Abbott and/or Daniele Donato.

While he mulled over possibly using it, the feeds revealed Cody giving David a hard time. The video below shows an interaction that a lot of live feed viewers were not pleased with.

In addition to that video above, people have been dragging David in the house due to what took place during the Veto Competition. As he tells the story, he was about to be eliminated in the first round of the Veto Competition, and he decided to go for the money. Other houseguests were very displeased.

Did Cody use the Power of veto this week?

Cody chose not to use the Power of Veto and kept his nominees on the block. At the first Eviction Ceremony on Thursday night, the BB22 cast will decide whether to evict Kevin Campbell or David Alexander.

Either Kevin or David will become the third member of the jury, joining Ian Terry and Da’Vonne Rogers outside of the game. But by the end of the night, two more people will be joining that trio, as producers are rolling out the first Triple Eviction in BB USA show history.

It should be a really exciting night of television, as this is something brand new to both the houseguests and the viewers at home. CBS has even given the show two hours to do it, so there is a high probability of some drama if producers kept the secret from the BB22 cast.

In addition to the Triple Eviction coming up, CBS has shifted the Big Brother schedule of episodes. It includes Monday nights instead of Sunday nights and a special Friday night episode in the mix. Here is a full breakdown of the upcoming Big Brother episodes.

Big Brother airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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