Who won POV on Big Brother 23 after Coin of Destiny was played?

Xavier Playing BB23
Xavier Prather is in the running to become the Big Brother 23 winner. Pic credit: CBS

The person who won the POV on Big Brother 23 during Week 8 continued an interesting trend in the house. Much like how Kaycee Clark waited until deep in the Big Brother 20 season to start winning competitions, the women in the Big Brother house this summer have been doing the same thing.

Sarah Beth Steagall won the Head of Household in Week 7 and then Tiffany Mitchell followed that up by winning the Week 8 HOH Competition. Claire Rehfuss continued the trend of women winning challenges by succeeding in her house takeover with the Coin of Destiny.

As detailed in the last episode of Big Brother, Claire won the right to overthrow Tiffany as the secret Head of Household. It meant that Claire could come up with brand new nominees, but she ended up just nominating Sarah Beth and Kyland Young again, following a plan laid out by Tiffany.

It was then time for a new Veto Competition to take place and we have the results from that challenge, as well as the resulting Veto Ceremony where the final nominees for the week were set by the secret HOH.

Who won POV on Big Brother this time?

It was Sarah Beth Steagall, Kyland Young, Xavier Prather, Hannah Chaddha, Claire Rehfuss, and Alyssa Lopez who played in the Week 8 Veto Competition. Xavier had to play in it because he was the third nominee for the week.

Hannah won the Power of Veto, continuing that trend we spoke about with the women starting to really make some moves in the game. Hannah used the Power of Veto to take Xavier off the block. Since he was the third nominee, Claire did not have to replace him on the block.

At the upcoming Eviction Ceremony, the BB23 cast will decide to evict Sarah Beth or Kyland. One of them is about to become the third member of the jury.

Some more news about Big Brother 23

A number of important changes were made to the 2021 Big Brother TV schedule. We are going to get a special Friday night episode soon and there are strong rumors about a Triple Eviction coming up as well. A lot of excitement is still in store for fans of the show.

As we get closer to learning the name of the Big Brother 23 winner, it is interesting to note that The Cookout is still completely intact. The six-person alliance is still going strong and it has a shot to become the most successful alliance that the Big Brother house has ever seen.

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