Who is the new Below Deck Season 9 stew?

Below Deck Season 9: Who is the new third stew?
The My Seanna crew has a spot to fill and Below Deck fans have an idea who will soon join the crew. Pic credit: Bravo

Who is the new Below Deck Season 9 stew? That’s the question on Below Deck fans’ minds after third stew Jessica Albert quit, leaving the My Seanna crew in a lurch.

Ahead of the holiday hiatus, Below Deck Season 9 Episode 9 featured Jess telling chief stew Heather Chase she was done. Jess hadn’t been happy on the yacht. She struggled to bond with the crew, especially Fraser Olender and Heather.

One of the final straws for Jess was walking in on Heather and Fraser talking behind her back. Jess opted to quit hours before a charter began.

Who is the new Below Deck Season 9 stew?

As Below Deck Season 9 returns with all-new episodes, at a new time, fans are once again speculating who will replace Jess. There are two names at the top of the list, one is far-fetched, but the other has some serious merit.

First up is Below Deck fan favorite, Josiah Carter. The alum was set to return for Below Deck Season 8 to replace fired stew Elizabeth Frankini before the coronavirus pandemic abruptly ended the season.

There’s no question that watching Josiah interact with Heather and Fraser would be so oh so entertaining. Josiah would definitely put them in their place quickly.

Unfortunately, the chances of Josiah returning are slim to none. He is super busy with his new clothing line. Plus, Josiah is currently appearing on Galley Talk: Best of Below Deck.

Then again, Josiah loves Captain Lee Rosbach. If the stud of the sea came calling, Josiah would probably say yes.

The other name being thrown around is stew Kaylee Milligan and her odds of joining Below Deck Season 9 are much higher than Josiah’s.

Why do Below Deck fans think Kaylee Milligan is the new stew?

Social media sleuths quickly discover a possible new third stew for Below Deck Season 9. Kaylee’s name began showing up in various Facebook groups after some interesting information was discovered.

The blonde beauty’s Instagram bio reveals she is a yacht stewardess. That alone doesn’t make her a contender but the fact that some Below Deck Season 9 crew members follow her does.

Heather, Fraser, and deckhand Wes O’Dell all follow Kaylee on Instagram. Below Deck Sailing Yacht alum Ciara Duggan also follows her.

There is a chance it could simply be a coincidence the Season 9 crew members follow Kaylee on social media. After all, Heather was friends with the Below Deck Mediterranean alum Alex Radcliffe before joining the Below Deck family.

However, a photo of Kaylee and Heather together from mid-February 2021 has added more fuel to the fire that Kaylee is the new stew. The timing of the Instagram post comes right in the middle of Season 9 filming.

Below Deck fans will have to wait a little bit longer to find out if Kaylee Milligan, Josiah Carter, or someone else is the new Season 9 stew.

Until then, who would you like to see as the new stew on Below Deck Season 9?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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