Who is Cow on The Masked Singer? Clues reveal possible identity of Season 10 celebrity

jenny mccarthy wahlberg wahlberg during the masked singer 10
Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg during The Masked Singer Season 10 premiere. Pic credit: Hulu

Season 10 of The Masked Singer brought five mystery celebrities to the stage to perform, wearing unique costumes.

Among them was Rubber Ducky, the first unmasked celeb of the season, who turned out to be comedic actor Anthony Anderson in the reveal.

Anderson was eliminated from the show due to receiving the least audience votes of all performers on the premiere episode.

Meanwhile, four other characters moved on to the next stage of the competition, including celebs dressed up as the beautiful Gazelle, sizzling S’More, curious Diver, and talented Cow.

The Cow showed impressive vocal abilities during their performance, which led to some interesting guesses from the judges.

Here are the clues and potential identities for the Cow character on Masked Singer Season 10.

Cow performs on The Masked Singer 10

Cow was the fifth and final singer for The Masked Singer’s Season 10 premiere. The captivating costume was a cow wearing a light green apron surrounded by pink and white trim with a pink bow. The Cow also wore glasses with sparkly red frames and a green bow in their hair.

Cow delivered an entertaining rendition of Imagine Dragons’ Bones for their performance, which had the judges out of their seats, moving with the music while enjoying what they heard and saw.

“That’s how you Season 10 it,” Robin Thicke said, with fellow judge Ken Jeong calling the performance “amazing.”

Clues for Cow included Fourth of July and Las Vegas

After Cow arrived on stage, a clue package was shown to get judges and viewers started with potential guesses about the character’s identity.

“Cows like me don’t often make it out of their pen. When I was younger, I felt destined to stay home and live out a simple life in black and white,” Cow said in their segment.

They mentioned wanting to stand out with dreams of becoming a “big star” and that they had trouble with their emotions but realized they could write to express themself.

“After that, everything changed. The gift eventually led me to No. 1. I won Grammys, traveled the world, and made hit after hit after hit. I guess you could say I was kind of my own cash cow!” they revealed during their segment.

During the segment, the clues shown included baking supplies, a calendar with July 4 on it, a Las Vegas magnet on a refrigerator, and a strawberry cake with aviator wings.

On stage, a man in black brought out a popcorn tin, and Nick Cannon pulled a movie ticket with “Blockbuster Movie” on it.

“One of the better-known things about me all started with a Moo-vie,” Cow told the judges and viewers.

Judges and viewers speculate about Cow’s identity

After Cow performed and the clues were revealed, several judges guessed who they thought the mystery celebrity was in the costume.

Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg speculated that it could be Shawn Stockman from Boyz II Men since they have a biopic coming out, and the group had a Las Vegas residency. While her fellow judges admitted he’s got an “incredible voice,” they didn’t seem to agree with that guess.

“I was also thinking of a little artist called Usher,” Jenny added, which seemed like a more popular guess.

Nicole Scherzinger said there’s a friend of hers who is “ridiculously talented” named Leslie Odom Jr., who she said also seemed to fit with the clues. She mentioned the Fourth of July clue reminded her of Hamilton, and he’s also won a Grammy.

“Whoever you are, this person’s a pro and has been on stage their whole life,” Robin said.

Some popular guesses online included singer Ne-Yo, Billy Porter, and RuPaul. Of those guesses, the Fourth of July clue could refer to Ne-Yo’s song Miss Independent. He also appeared in the second season of the British version of The Masked Singer and finished as a runner-up to Joss Stone.

In 2014, Porter won a Grammy for Kinky Boots. However, the blockbuster movie clue does not match up with anything he appeared in early in his career. Early roles included Siniqua in 1996’s Twisted and a singer in The First Wives Club, which came out that same year. In 1997, he was part of Anastasia.

As far as RuPaul, the Cow may not be tall enough based on how their height looked while standing next to Nick on stage.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Fox.

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