Who got evicted from Big Brother tonight? BB23 jury has first member

Claire And Derek F BB23
Claire Rehfuss and Derek Frazier got nominated on Week 6 of Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

An important Big Brother Eviction Ceremony took place tonight. Rather than getting sent home, the evicted houseguest became the first member of the BB23 jury.

Kyland Young was the Head of Household over the past week, and he was trying to add to his resume on the season. The first time that he was HOH, Kyland succeeded in getting Frenchie sent home.

This time around, Kyland put Derek Frazier and Claire Rehfuss on the block. Derek F was a pawn, though, even though he tried to play it up like he might be the one going home this week.

At the Veto Competition, Alyssa Lopez secured the Power of Veto after Kyland threw the challenge. Alyssa didn’t use her Power of Veto, but Kyland used the one he won through the Veto Derby.

Kyland used his Power of Veto to save Claire from the block. He then put up Britini D’Angelo in her place.

Who got evicted from Big Brother tonight?

During the August 19 episode of Big Brother 23, the eight voting houseguests had to decide if they would evict Derek Frazier or Britini D’Angelo. Since Derek F is still a part of The Cookout alliance, he wasn’t really ever at risk, no matter how his alliance members helped it look.

Alyssa Lopez, Claire Rehfuss, Derek Xiao, Hannah Chaddha, Sarah Beth Steagall, Tiffany Mitchell, and Xavier Prather voted to evict Britini. Azah Awasum did toss Britini a pitty vote, leading to a 7-1 eviction total.

Britini D’Angelo became the first member of the BB23 jury.

More news about Big Brother 23

Former houseguest Da’Vonne Rogers wants to host the BB23 jury roundtable. She has played the game three times and was even named America’s Favorite Houseguest during Big Brother 22. It will be interesting to see if the producers tap her to take on that role. In the past, people like Dr. Will Kirby have done it.

Social media continues to debate the merits of The Cookout alliance. As shown during this latest episode of the show, all six members of the leading alliance have made it to the final 10 this summer. They are still in a prime position for the two of them to make it all the way to the end. Can they do it?

Some Big Brother fans are calling The Cookout racist. Others hope that the winner emerges from that six-person alliance and are loudly cheering them on this summer.

Stay tuned because it could get really intense in the coming weeks.

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